Friday, February 14, 2014

Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

Cake Bouquet
As promised, I am now posting the photos of the gift ideas we had in the bakeshop.  It was very tiring indeed, attending all the customer demands and am glad to have accommodated all their orders and special requests.

Roses Cake Bouquet
I loved browsing books at Booksale and from there I have found Jane Asher's Party Cakes where I have seen this cake design.  It was December when I have experimented making the bunch of flower cake.  I personally made the red roses using fondant and flower drops aside from that I have bought the other flowers.

I was also asked if I can bake a heart shaped cake. I remember my mom had that kind of cake pan so I borrowed it to  make the requests.  

I saw a gift box at a store and I had the idea of creating a special gift pack for Valentines.  I bake chocolate chip cookies then I decided to cut them using girl and boy shaped cookie cutters and to highlight its shape, I have outlined them using royal icing.  The box contains the chocolate chip cookies, small  teddy bear and a heart shaped lollipop.

These frosted cupcakes topped with heart shaped lollipop and heart shaped sprinkles was a hit.

Another cake design was the dome shaped cake. 

That's it guys.  This made my days so busy causing me to have little hours of sleep.  But I have enjoyed doing all the cake designs and at the same time see happy and fulfilled customers.

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