Thursday, February 27, 2014

How To Make a Basketball Cake

This post is dedicated to all basketball game lovers or if you are looking for a basketball themed party then this cake will match the celebration.
I'm not sure if you have followed any basketball game. Since I was a child I used to follow PBA games because of the influence of my Dad. He loves basketball that he supports basketball team in our Barangay; as what they call "team manager". My favorite team then was Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog because of Alvin Patromonio. I can still remember Samboy Lim, Allan Caidic, Johnny Abarientos who for me are great basketball players during that time. For some time Philippine Basketball seemed quiet that I am no longer aware of what was happening. But now PBA is gaining back its popularity. And if you've followed the game between San Mig and Rain or Shine, last night's game was full of intensity and emotions. Of course at the end of every game there can only be one winner. Reaching game 6, this tournament favored for San Mig Mixers. Congratulations to San Mig Team and fans.

Pakner4lyf seemed not so happy with the result because he likes Rain or Shine.  During our early years of our relationship, I had no idea that this man is so in love with basketball too. The only time I've seen him played was when we're already married, being one of the players in my father's team; he played very well. There I have discovered he's a good basketball player too. So much for my stories let's proceed to the tutorial.

First step of course is bake your cake using a circular pan. It's normal that cake forms a dome shape after cooking. This time the more rise on the center of your cake the better. Typically I am removing that dome to have a level surface of the cake. But this time that dome shape will add more 3d effect on the look of your basketball cake. Another option you have is to use any dome shaped pan or ceramic bowls that can be used in baking.

Have your cake completely cooled. Do not put frosting on your cake while it's still hot it will melt.  You can now prepare your frosting. You'll be needing orange and a little brown or black colored frosting for this type of cake. I am using butter cream frosting.

Cover your completely cooled cake with your orange colored frosting then with the aid of a toothpick or any pointed stick, draw the outlines (refer on the above photo). Place your black colored frosting in a piping bag with a circular tip make the outlines. Then I have used the closed star tip to create a spike look on the surface of the cake.

If you are doing it at home and do not own piping bags and cake decoration tips I am mentioning, you can always make an alternative.  Have a durable plastic that will serve as your piping bag then cut a hole in the tip.  Durable because there are plastic that easily burst once you apply pressure to release your frosting.  You can first practice pressing and releasing frosting in plates before actually decorating your cake.

And there you have your basketball cake.  Happy Baking.

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