Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cake Art Collections (3)

Here are the four latest cake designs I was able to make.  I am still on my journey of honing my skill and at the same time improving the taste of my cake.  I am comfortable using butter cream frosting for the cakes I design compared with fondant.  Fondant can make the cake look artistically beautiful  but butter cream tastes a lot better compared with fondant or should I say I needed to look for more fondant recipes to improve its taste.

Monster Cake

Some of my friends said that at the first glance, the monster's hair looks like spaghetti.  Making this design is easy.  I've made an improvised icing tip so I can make the fuzzy hair.  Wilton calls it the grass tip.  I couldn't find this tip in any cake shops that I have visited and that forced me to make an improvised one.
 I saw a thimble made from plastic and I thought of poking holes on it.  I used the smallest available nail that I can find and thoroughly clean it.  I used forceps to steadily hold the thimble and another one to hold the nail.  I lighted a candle and flamed the nail till its tip turned red (this is extremely hot) then poked it on the thimble to make holes.  (This made me remember those days back in the laboratory's bacteriology section when we needed to sterile the wire loop and needle to do a bacteria culture.) I was able to make eleven holes on the thimble.  I was happy that the idea somehow worked.  But I would still look for this grass tip because I wanted to own one for my future cake decorations.  

 Farm Cake

I made this cake for my grandfather's 84th birthday.  He celebrated his birthday last June 5, 2013.  He is a farmer and up until now he is healthy because of his good lifestyle.  I learned that Mamay Udo didn't have any quarrels with anyone nor shown anger with someone, he keeps his temperament cool. Even at his age, he keeps on climbing up the mountain to do some farm work.  We couldn't stop him doing so, and we think it is one of the reasons that keeps him strong and healthy.
Photo of Mamay Udo's Birthday Celebration

Engineer's Cake
This cake is specially baked for my father in law who celebrated his birthday last June 6.   The family decided to have a mini celebration on June 8.  He is a land surveyor.  It took me much time on what kind of decoration I should place on the cake.  Other than that, I started the quest of baking.  This is the very first time I tried to bake a cake.  I used to ask my baker and tell him what kind of cake I wanted.  Now, I am having some time of making my own recipe and bake for more improvements.

Tatay Bert's 81st Birthday Celebration

 Floral Hat Cake
I mentioned a while ago that I am leaning how to bake and make my own cake recipe. I was able to find a book about Microwave cooking.  This encouraged to me to try using the microwave oven for baking purposes and explore more on baking.  Before I have to work on the scheduled time that the bakers will use the oven in order to save gas.  When working times in the bakery is over and the oven is already off, I can still work on on my recipe that I wanted because I will be using the microwave.  Besides, it is easier to work alone in the bakeshop.  I wanted to perfect the previous chocolate cake I have baked so I decided to do it again and the timing is perfect because Zandra will celebrate her birthday.

Zandra posing with her cake =)

With the second attempt, I was able to make the chocolate cake better.  Now I learn how to perfectly cook the cake using a microwave oven.  I have figured it out why the first cake I have baked is hard - it is overcooked.  It only takes 7 minutes to cook this size of cake in the microwave, I am amazed how fast it is to cook food in the microwave.  There's no need to preheat the oven and thus saves money.  What I was trying to make here is a chocolate mouse cake I get the recipe from Maya Cookbook.  I failed making the chocolate mouse it is the filling in between the cakes.  I guess following only the cookbook is not enough, I need to watch YouTube tutorials to make it right for the third time. 

Thank you for continuously visiting this blog.  I'll try my best to keep you posted on my next cake projects. 

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