Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Shopping Memories (My SM)

When I was a child, I remember how happy I am visiting SM and whenever there are school field trips, there should and will always be a stop at SM.  This store was able to grow and spread out in the whole country and I think almost every Filipino was able to visit the nearest possible store located in their area.  Personally, SM Malls witnessed and made a role in creating some of the memories I cherish and I know will still become  part of more memories worth remembering.  

SM Batangas City Department Store
This photo was taken when I am still an employee of Pioneer Clinical Laboratory  (year 2005 I guess )
Here are some of the memories I would love to share.  Way back when SM Batangas City is not yet built,

our family will have at least some time to visit the nearest SM branch which is in Las Pinas.  It is where we buy our school supplies, shoes - black shoes for our uniform and rubber shoes for PE (it is where we find good quality shoes), some personal things like gadgets and clothes and aside from that a time where we can have good family bonding.
We have availed 60% off  discount for this pair at SM Department Store in Lipa City.
Pakner4lyf and I used to have our dates  at SM Malls too.  I love to window shop and since he's so in love with me he patiently accompanies me with this hobby.  We used to have exchange gifts and one gift I wouldn't forget is the first pair of Parisian shoes I received from him.  I remember its perfect fit and how comfortable my feet were wearing those. I wear that pair of shoes during my internship days, where I used to stand and walk almost my entire duty.   Last April 28, he bought me a pair of running shoes as his anniversary gift for me.  

Now as a mom having three children, I have a lot of reasons why I prefer shopping at SM especially when with the kids. If I am not mistaken, they were the first mall to set a breastfeeding area. I appreciated that so much specially when I was a newbie mom and breastfeeding. Their stores are spacious unlike in other malls that I encounter push cart "heavy traffic" hehehe. I would say that SM staffs were trained how to deal and relate well with their customers thus provide greater satisfaction. Their malls have huge open parking spaces to commend that they offer it for free. With these, it gives us convenience and less hassle whenever we're going to shop with children. 

SM stores offer a wide variety of products that I get to find the things we exactly wanted. From  past experiences, whenever we needed to buy shoes and clothes, we always end up finding the exact and perfect fashion we wanted at SM.  During my pregnancy, I remember how hard it is to find clothes that will perfectly fit for me.  I am glad to find good maternity clothes at the SM Department Store.  Pregnant women can still be in the latest fashion and I got to choose clothes that I can still wear even when I am no longer pregnant.  I always have a hard time picking clothes for me so I will always want my husband to be with me whenever I have to buy clothes.  I remember the photo above that pakner4lyf insisted that he wants to buy me new set of clothes to attend a graduation ceremony.  Our outfits here were all bought from the Department Store (except for the bag).  

Last Wednesday,  pakner4lyf left for a mission trip in the US.  We have some time to drop by at SM before he leaves to buy some more stuffs he'll need.  I remember his last 2010 trip, we chose to stay at SM Mall of Asia while waiting for the perfect time for his flight. We went window shopping and pakner4lyf bought me again a pair of flat shoes and other stuffs for JC and Eu-La where he paid all of it using the points he accumulated from his advantage card.  Afterwards we let the children had some fun at the attractions behind MOA near Manila Bay.

The department store offers up to date and beautiful line of fashion clothes for the whole family.  Be it formal, casual, sporty they surely got it all for you.  With all of these, I am sure you too would love to shop at SM.    Head on to their Facebook Page ( and hit the Like button to receive latest updates and best deals available.  Below are some photos of my children wearing the some of the clothes we bought at SM.

What shopping memories or moments you cherish?    

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