Saturday, July 6, 2013

I am Surviving - Children's Day Out

Pakpak Lawin
It's been ten days now that Pakner4lyf is not around with us.  He left for his mission trip and we have been missing him so much.  I do feel his absence being him as my partner in everything, now I got to do everything and I have a lot of work to accomplish everyday.  With the previous church activities, bakeshop management, homeschooling and household work I am still surviving.  This is not easy but I am doing it all with smile, and everything seems to be manageable - still.  I am thankful that my younger brother stays with me now, even though he's in school most of the time, I get to have some help from him.  

We decided to spend a night at my parent's house last Thursday for a routine change.  We arrive too late at night that they were already sleeping they knew we were there waking up in the morning.  They are currently doing some minor repairs in the house.  They got to repaint walls and furniture.  My mom worked on her garden and I did a little help putting red ribbons on her transferred welcome plant.  I was amazed seeing the plant (pakpak lawin) I gave her three years ago was so big.  Mine still small being planted in a small pot.  

I made a promise to my children that were going to watch Despicable Me 2 in Cinema.  My original plan was to watch the movie here in SM Batangas City.  I tried to look for their online cinema schedule for that day and noticed that the movie is only in 3D it will cost me so much!  I asked my older brother if he can go with us to drive the car.  Since he agreed, we head on to Robinson's Lipa where the movie is also showing.  I can't have longer periods of driving when with my youngest son who is now 1year and 5months.  He would want to sit on my lap and hold the steering wheel too.  I couldn't bear hearing loud cries inside the car while I am driving.  

We needed to wait for the exact viewing time because they don't let any viewers get inside once the movie get started because it's for one time viewing only.  While waiting, the children had some fun with the amusement rides while my two brothers are having fun playing arcade games at Timezone using a VIP card.   JC and Eu-La had a long time riding the dinosaur that can roam around the area.  SJ had experienced the ride too - I drive for him.  I am happy seeing JC conquers his fear in riding the airplane ride.

I do have active children that I couldn't capture good photos using my phone.  My children loved Despicable Me and have viewed this movie for hundreds of time.  Knowing that there's part 2 made them exited and were looking forward for this day that they can view it in a big screen.  It was JC who enjoyed much seeing the movie.  You can hear him laughing out loud and see him dancing too with some of the scenes.  I get to miss some parts of the movie because my little SJ turned cranky and sleepy, so we walked out and I put him to sleep.  All in all it was a great movie to watch and children will get to enjoy all the scenes.

I failed letting my children collect the minions from McDonald's Happy Meal.  They are already sold out.  Having watched the movie made me wished I had minions too like Gru.  That makes his work easier and a lot more happier.

Have you enjoyed watching the new Despicable Me movie?

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