Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pretty Princess in Purple

Meet our daughter Eu-La.  I don't know what's with her that attracts a lot of people to like her.  She may get too quiet and shy on the first meeting.  Once she get acquainted you get to discover her talkativeness you'll hear her funny questions then shows up her beautiful smile.  She's friendly and says hello to almost every person she sees; sometimes even those she don't know.  I am also wondering why a lot of people would call her by name and greets her,  but I don't know them - she really has a lot of friends.  Without her presence, our house is so quiet that her Dad says, "our little girl is the life of a party".  Eu-La loves to be called a princess
that she'll always get to ask me "Princess ba si Eu-La Mommy?"  (Is Eu-La a princess?)  Definitely she is and will always be our princess.

With her personality she would always want to be the center of our attention. She easily throws her tantrums whenever I failed to attend to her first and will most of the time contest with her brothers.  Being a girl, her bigger brother would chose not to hurt her; which is only for a while, since she continuously provoke him, soon he fights her back.  She also makes her little brother cry when she demands attention, she puts me in a difficult situation choosing between her and the little boy.  It is a total chaos whenever she does that.  I would have to explain her over and over again that she is loved and our very own princess.

Pakner4lyf was gone for weeks and the children misses him so much.  Our eldest witnessed his Dad walked inside the airport and waved goodbye while our princess was unable having slept inside the car.  These past few days, she seems to be irritable that almost everyday she throws out her tantrums.  My hands are both up to surrender because it felt like I have done everything for her to calm and comfort her.  Now I get to understand her after she saw and talked to her Dad using Facetime.  I couldn't forget Eu-La's reaction after seeing her Dad.  She was speechless while holding Joshua's Ipod and I get to notice her eyes got teary staring at her Daddy's face.  She misses her Dad so much - she misses how her Dad treats her like a princess.  She just couldn't tell how she badly misses her Dad.

She can irritate and get me into my nerves yet at the same time it is also her who makes me smile and laugh most of the time.  I am pretty sure that her Dad misses her princess too so much.  I have gathered some of her photos wearing purple for him to see her photos.

This little girl loves to pose in front of the camera, she loves to put on make up and wear gowns.  She like flowers and ice cream too.  Very girly indeed!

Eu-La loves to wear pink as this is her favorite color so she would usually ask for it. I am thankful I can give her some excuses why she can't have it. Her purple clothes looks good on her.

Do you have a daughter? How can you describe her?
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