Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day at the Park

Since pakner4lyf was not around I get to be responsible taking care of our car.  Every morning I have to move out the car and find another space to park so doesn't block the customer's way.  It is Eu-La who will usually accompany me in the morning to reposition the car and find a nice parking space in the market which is just across and JC will be with me during night time to have the car parked in front of the bakeshop or the pawnshop.  

We used to go to the park last summer we join pakner4lyf as he do his exercise.  It is where kids can freely run and drive their bicycles farther unlike in our place.  This is what the kids are missing lately.  Whenever I will have to change the parking position of the car, the children would ask me if we are going to the park - of course my definite answers is no.  For reasons that their Dad is not around I can't manage them alone and if their Dad is around, probably we can't go since most of the time it is raining.

Here are some photos of our days at the park - PPA Batangas City (Philippine Ports Authorities) which is just few meters away from our place.

View of the Sunset
Do you love going out on the park? 
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