Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Candy Crush Themed Party

We're used of hosting children's party as we are conducting this event in our church once in every month.  What gives us a challenge is coming up with a theme for the whole program.  We could simply do a typical classroom setup having them recite bible verses and teach bible stories then feed them but it would be boring.  I am not only focused on the enjoyment as this should not be my main motive but rather share to these children the love of God.

Children can learn and comprehend more when we use illustrations that they can easily relate with.  Having one more week to go and still we were clueless of what our party theme should be.  Last week, I was planning on a cake design requested by a friend - a candy crush themed cake.  First photo above was my finished product.  I did download the game a played to have an idea of what the game
is and I enjoyed playing it by the way.  I noticed the colors of the candies in the game then an idea sparked out!  Why not make this game our party motif for the Children's Fellowship . 

We use Candy Crush Images as our Power Point Presentation backgrounds.  I prepared some cup cakes with Candy Crush motif as our party giveaway.  You can let the children decorate their own cupcakes using different candies they love.  We had this activity few months ago - though messy but the children loved that activity.  I also have a box of candies placed in a clear container that i will be using during the main lesson for the illustration on presenting the gospel colors.  I have sorted the candies by color and arranged them by layer - yellow, purple, red, white and green (from bottom to top).    I did note of the number of candies I have placed because the child who will be able to guess the exact number (or the nearest) of candies in the container can have it as a prize. 

  • yellow - represents heaven and God's holiness
  • purple - represents that all men are sinners  ( other colors can be brown or black candies)
  • red - represents the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross
  • white - only Jesus can wash away all our sins to make us clean and pure
  • green - new life with Christ

We played "Tic-Tac-Toe" for our review game.  We divided the children into five groups.  Each teams are given sets of pre-cut stickers shaped and colored like the candies in the candy crush game.  Each groups are with assigned names - sugar, crunch, tasty, delicious and sweet.  Children are asked to say their group names first before answering the question.  The group that will have the correct answer are given a chance to post their candy on the prepared board (5x5 square).  The objective is to make a three straight combination of their candy posted on the board to be declared as winner.


It sure cost us money, energy, time and effort having this monthly program for the children.  But I do find joy doing this ministry it is because I love God and I am concerned with these children.  My prayers for these children is that they will grow up loving the Lord and walk in His ways as they are the next generation of our country.  I do hope that somehow they will remember the Word of God we taught them and will choose to do what is right.  This is also how I know to contribute " good change" for country.  
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