Thursday, January 31, 2013

Look at how they grow

Lately I realized that sooner we'll no longer have a baby in the house.  After five years of being married we're blessed to have three lovely and so active children.  It always makes me smile remembering the first time I saw and hold them in my arms.  It brought a different warmth of feeling and such unexplainable joy!  It was one of the most precious moments I'll surely keep.

Given a chance to once more accept a well paid profession;I will no longer have any second thoughts
of still staying with my children.   It is definitely not an easy decision to make; sacrificing my own ambition and considering our financial situation.  A number of times I heard a lot of people would get disappointed because I didn't pursue a very promising career.  People may think I have gone crazy, but the feeling of seeing my children every minute is so priceless that none can have an equal worth.

With just one look I know something is wrong with my children.  I know their mood swings and if they are hiding something from me.  I know their favorites, the things that will make them happy and what disappoints them.  I know their sweet spots and their weakness.   I want to know every detail about them as they grow.  I want to personally train and teach them.  One day I will have a story to tell when my children grow up; it will be funniest, saddest or even the craziest stories I personally encounter with them.

The time spent with my children is one of the best decisions I had made in my life.  I'll have no regrets because I know they will not remain young forever and I don't want to miss the opportunity watching and guiding them as they grow.

I am happy that with the advancing technology we can capture the exact scene and keep those precious moments alive.
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