Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Buena days - here she comes

"-Ber" months just started!  I'm writing my very first post for this month of September.  I don't know what's going on in your mind and your feelings as the end of the year approaches.  Days ends so fast and soon we're heading on the last quarter of year 2012.  I guess some of you are worried because of the upcoming holidays  and would demand a greater expense.  So we all need to find and create a larger amount of income to be prepared.  Holidays will mean excitement for me even tough it accompanies additional expenses (need to fully stretch the available budget) and stress because of the hectic schedules.

So much for the holidays, I am so excited to share my good news, it's about my blogging milestone.  I was able to join the BC Bloggers Comment Exchange for the first time.  Hooray!  I got to know more how the blogger's world look like and it's a worth while experience.  I admire bloggers who chooses to cover topics that I am unfamiliar with.  I learned and enjoyed so much and at the same time was inspired reading from the all the blogs that I visited.  

dish garden-cactus via mommyhanny
I am so happy that we have a new housemate to help us with the household chores and look for my children when I have something to do.  With Buena, giving me help was a relief (thank God).  The first thing that I was able to accomplish because of her presence was to cultivate my garden again.  A number of my plants died because I was unable to take care of them.  This also means that I can have additional time to blog and join more Comment Exchanges and sooner who knows I might be the next host of the BC Bloggers Meme.  Still thinking of a wonderful topic. The most important thing  to mention is additional quality time that I can have with my husband and the children.  

To recall, the last time that the we were able to have a house maid was year 2010.  I chose not to have one when she left us after few months cause I know I can manage doing all the chores and I am not comfortable working with a house maid may be because I grow up in a family who chose not to have one.  Our present situation put me on my knees to ask God to send us the right person to work for us, and Buena came.  Now, we are hoping and praying that there will be no problems and that she'll stay with us longer.

A lot of things happened as this month started.  Some may be not so good if I am to categorize, yet I believe that all of them are still best for me because God intended it to happen for a purpose.  I count all of them as blessings and I sense more blessings are approaching for the coming days.  I will just continually wait and hope on God because I know He will not fail me.

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