Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rate It - Like, Unlike

It sure is a big relief to have someone offering a helping hand.  I'm sure all of us needs help because it's hard to accomplish a task when working alone.  A mom like me would most of the time gets tired and stressed with the whole day's work load.

The time I have announced to have a house helper was a relief.  Finally I have someone to help me doing the chores.  After a week of staying with us, Buena asked me that she needs to go home to attend the funeral of her aunt or uncle I'm not sure.  She promised to be back the next day.  Two days have passed, she's not yet back and we have no news about her.
 She was referred to us by our former saleslady, who made a call to inform us that Buena got sick and will be back for work once recovered.  Last Friday, Buena came back and told us the whole story of her one week absence.  She was hospitalized because of her irregular menstrual period.  She suffered prolonged bleeding and have undergone blood transfusion.  Even though she wants to stay, we decided not to  have her  back to work again for us because of her health conditions.  And was a tough and sad decision to make.

How I wished Buena can stay with us the time that she arrived.  I really needed her help because that time I was sick.  I had to admit that Buena's absence made me stressed that caused my immune system to get weak.  I easily get the flu virus again.  I spread the virus in the house affecting my three children. Now, I am recovering from the illness and my children.

If I am going to rate the past week, it so easy to hit the Unlike Button because what happened was "bad".  We often rate things that happen in our lives as "good" or "bad".  It is "good" because I like what is happening with my life.  I am getting what I want, I have a good health, etc.  And we easily say things are "bad" when we don't want the circumstances around, when people have caused us hurt, when we fail, when we are ill and other things that makes life so difficult.

On the other hand, the way we analyze situations depends on what position and angle we look at the matter.  I have to be thankful that Buena offered me a week of vacation from doing the laundry and cleaning up the house.  Another thing was she able to go home before being sick.  It would be a bigger problem bringing her to the hospital by myself and taking care of her if she was under our custody.  To see the good side of every situation, I try to look at things in a different perspective.  Thus, I can still and thank God even in the midst of trials.

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Genesis 50:19-20
English Standard Version (ESV)
19 But Joseph said to them, “Do not fear, for am I in the place of God? 
20 As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, 
to bring it about that many people[a] should be kept alive, as they are today.

Joseph life's experiences continued to remind me that everything that happens in my life being a child of God is good.  It was hard  to deal being mistreated by his brothers, he worked doing his best to serve his masters and end up in jail.  But, it was only the start of God's plan in Joseph's life that he would soon be in the Pharaoh's palace and would took one of the highest position in Egypt.  He has a purpose for everything that happens. Knowing it made me of not questioning his authority of the things that happens in my life, for He knows what's best for me.  I learned and still learning of fully entrusting the Lord - giving my whole life and seeking His will.  When life gets tough I know I am in His hands making the best out of me.  If still in the end of this life people may not still see that I have lived the best life on earth, I know God has prepared the best for me in eternity.

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