Thursday, September 27, 2012

Party for the Princess

Our little princess turned three last September 23.  We planned to celebrate her birthday at a Jollibee store near our place.  The party was set after our Church worship service - September 23, 2012.  We chose to invite the under privilege children to be her party guest.  Because I know most of our friends and relatives can afford to buy their own meals in this fast food chain.  This is a treat for our street kid students who  regularly attend our Sunday meetings. I know that it's gonna be them who'll surely appreciate this simple party that we have set.

It is more practical to have the party at home and prepare more delicious foods that will really satisfy the hungry guests.  This is the usual option we have whenever we decide to host a party. I may not be able to save money hosting the party at a Restaurant, what I was able to save is the energy (less stress and pressures) in preparing the program.  Hosting a party in our place would mean lots of work.  It includes meal and program planning, shopping for the things that we needed to buy, placing decorations and the hardest part will be cleaning up the mess after the party.

A birthday is not complete without a cake and candle to blow.  I needed to have a birthday cake.  The prices of the cake that I looked for were too much expensive.  I'd rather spend the money in food.  Making cakes is not our forte.  We are still learning and improving our bakeshop.  Since I don't have much budget, I asked my brother to bake a cake for me.  I was glad to have a wonderful Kuya who is so willing to do me a favor.  Thanks to they have a tutorial on how to make a princess cake.  We succeeded on our first attempt of making this cake.

I am also thankful for the generous hands who sponsored her outfits.  She had three outfits for that whole Sunday.  Hopefully they will continually supply Eu-La's outfit on her next birthdays!  (We couldn't give that kind of luxury to her.)  Not to mention the other dress that she received after the party.
A yellow dress with colorful circle prints given by my mother.  Eu-La calls her Nanay Rose.
She also bought a pair of pink Barbie shoes for our princess.   
The pink halter dress is from our beautiful Sales ladies - Renelyn and  Zabeth.

This green princess gown is a gift from Operation Christmas Child along with Barbie dolls  (One of the dolls was placed in her cake.).  I choose to add beads to add highlight.

During the program our little princess was so tensed with mixed emotions. I haven't seen her acting that way. I then realized that even we adults at times couldn't handle mixed emotions.  I know for sure how excited and happy she was and everyone who attended the party.

Eu-La loves Jollibee so much that whenever we have time and budget to visit a Jollibee store, she will embrace Jollibee's figure at the door.  As parents, it is our joy to give to our children what they dream and granting their wish specially during their birthdays.  We also want our children to share their happiness with the needy ones.  May our children realize this example that we show them.  We continually pray  that God will continue to bless us that we may be able to provide the needs of the whole family and to reach for others to be a blessing for them in every way that we can.

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