Thursday, August 6, 2015

Throw Back Thursday - From Employee to Employer

I used to be an employee for some years before I started to run my own business. This is one of the chapters in my life I'd like to reminisce -  my days working at Pioneer Clinical Laboratory. I took the Medical Technology Board just few months after graduating and was blessed to have passed the Licensure Examination on my first take.  Few days after having the result. I was undecided if I should look out for a job, the other question was where would I go to work but definitely not abroad. You might wonder what limits me working outside the country. I was a PAMET-Safeguard Scholar and one of the agreement was I needed to serve my country for at least two years. This is also the reason why I am forced to look for a job as a Registered Medical Technologist, a sign of my gratitude and sincere appreciation for the privileges I had and it's my time to give back to the organization and for the country.

Going back, I remember I didn't have a hard time to do job hunting.  As soon as the results were released, a lot of employers called me to submit my resume and work for them.  To cut the long story, I chose Pioneer Laboratory because some of my classmates are already there working.  Others say I could have chosen a better job applying in hospitals where opportunities are greater but I know it was God's purpose why I was there.   

In my college days, we were trained to work professionally with high standards and values. I am proud to have been a part of PCLI's employees. It's the same belief and moral standards about work that made me comfortable working in the company . I see how the PCLI's company continue its progress, keeping its growth and made its visions into reality. I witnesses  how the founders worked hard for their success adding up their moral values of performing reliable and honest laboratory results which I believe why God has blessed them and will keep their business growing.

Now, I look up to my bosses as one of my inspirations to strive hard in the business that I am now in. I can admit and frankly say it is easier to be an employee. Why? because my finances is secured monthly during my days of employment. It's different when you're an employer and starting the foundations of the business. Yes, it may sound like it's a huge sacrifice and harder work. What makes me love what I am now doing as an employer is seeing the greater picture where lot people benefit on the services rendered by the business and to mention providing employment to masses. I can't just quit thinking of these people who depends on us.

I want my children  to learn  how it's like to be a Medical Technologist (they now call it as Medical Laboratory Scientists) that's why I take every opportunity to introduce  them the laboratory where I used to work. I want them to learn the value of work and quality service.  Because this is vital in every business regardless of its type. I want them to serve people giving the best they can - one of the keys to success.  

My experience working as an employee gives me a heart to understand my employees now because I have been on their shoes. I am thankful to my previous employers who become a part of my life and thought me somehow of valuable lessons and experiences (they may not even know).  A reason  why I am now looking  back. In looking backwards, this now helps me find my way on moving forward and reaching my goal. 
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