Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Should financial difficulties limit the ministry work?

Every activities costs money there is no such thing as free.  If you get to have something free, then someone paid the price so you can enjoy it freely.  

When the funds are limited what should I do then? It makes me feel sad how our own financial status limits us in doing our ministry work.  A number of times we had these experiences but I didn't give in to the situation not to continue an activity but rather we find ways and be creative to pursue a church project even in a very tight budget. Before, I am not used to encounter financial difficulties when I was living with my parents.

Now that I am starting my own family at the same time serving God as a pastor's wife, I realized that my parents set us a very good example which is not easy to do, but I would strive to follow. My mom and dad are business people and God blessed the works of their hand. I cannot remember a single time in my life that my parents failed to provide us our needs - food, clothing, shelter and education. All the needs were met and provided our wants is a different thing.  Our wants can wait - it is where I learned the value of delayed gratification and hard work. One thing, my parents  knew how to use their resources. By their stewardship we're blessed to have good life even we're not that rich.

I grew up in a family who serves the church.  I saw my parents how they support the church activities where they actively involve at the same time funding those events.  They modelled us how to be a good steward in finances and wants us to set some of our time to get church involvements too.  I can still remember when we were young my mom would monitor if we are faithfully giving our tithe every Sunday.   Now I that have my own family, I see the greater importance of the principles my parents taught me about handling finances that I do appreciate more. It clearly explains me why my parents had been so much blessed. And the reason why I am in the ministry serving is because of the example they showed me.

Since ministry works need funds, honestly I feel the frustration that I couldn't reach people because nothing is in my pocket. Going out to do visits has a price. I've been in situations that sharing God's words and just praying is not enough to make them feel that God truly loves them. Like those people who suffered loss during calamities, children in orphanages, old people left in caring homes, indigent sick people, and the like.  I have four children to support and they are my priorities.  But my heart wants to help, influence and reach out  a greater number of people and that's what God wants me to do. Doing this work has an equivalent cost.  

We used to raise funds from friends and other people - the response? Barely nothing.  Does this situation dictate we are to stop?  We have the reason to stop but there are ways.  God opened us a way to start doing business.  My parents have lead  us good example on financial stewardship.  This time we can apply that in our business.  We will work to finance what God has placed in our hearts that we should do.  We couldn't wait for other people's response yet it would be a big help but we couldn't pass our own responsibilities to other people.  I believe when God calls us to do something, He'll lead us also in a way to make it happen.

This time we're praying that the Lord will bless us to be rich not for personal reasons but to accomplish what he has placed in our hearts.  God is starting to teach us the correct attitude towards money.  We are now starting to grow the resources we already have. Because we know having the bigger financial resources  gives us greater opportunities and capabilities to do the ministry also on a large scale.
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