Saturday, February 28, 2015

Old San Juan Hotel and Restaurant - San Juan, Batangas

I was fascinated to be at Old San Juan and see its huge improvement.  This was only a restaurant before and was also known for its spa services.  Now they're getting bigger that they have just opened their hotel which was launched in December 2014.

The photos below were taken in 2013.  I noticed how restaurant improved and the services.  Their spa was relocated at the hotel premises.  The spa was replaced by a coffee shop where one can freely read books.  They have a mini library inside. The chandeliers were changed to capiz adding more highlights and attraction in the antique design.

Table setting during our most recent visit.
Some of you may wonder that it is expensive to eat in this restaurant because of its look.  If you're in Batangas you'll probably need to taste Batangas Lomi.  If you are in San Juan for me this is the best place to have it tasted because of its affordable price.  Their Lomi cost for P100.00 which good for 3-4 persons.  As I have heard they have budget meals served downstairs.

We are also privileged to get a tour inside the Hotel.  Their staff were kind and very accomodating. The Hotel's theme is Filipiniana.  All rooms have tagalog names.  Below are some photos of the rooms that were taken from their official website. 

Learn more of their facilities and services by visiting their website. Just click the link below to get redirected.

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