Saturday, February 28, 2015

San Juan, Batangas, Laiya Beach and Much More...

Having a husband from San Juan Batangas gave me the priveledge of exploring this beautiful town. This is one of the places we will surely go back not only because our relatives are there but because this place is growing and expanding as one of the new tourists' spots near Manila; two hours land travel.  This is such a priveledge living near San Juan that we can get to visit at times.

After the recent visit to Laiya, I am once again remembered that I have to make sereis of post about San Juan and the beautiful places we've been.  This is to be of help to those who consider having a trip or vacation in San Juan.  This time, I'll find time to complete these series of posts adding up the photos of our trip to present you the places that we've been.  

San Juan Batangas is famous for the following:

Tuba and Lambanog, Pottery and White Beaches

If you are from Manila, you'll get to see the pottery stalls before reaching the town's Poblacion (Market).  They also sell water fountains of different sizes, decorative jars, clay pots for planting and cooking and little pots that children can play with (play pretend toys). Some of the stall owners accepts landscaping too and these stalls are now selling plants too.  I love to go here because I love plants.

Restaurants and Dining

Orange (now closed a new restaurant is operating in that same location I forget to recall the name)
Halo-Halo shops (inside San Juan Market) - Glo's Halo- Halo and Macaraig's Halo-Halo

Beach and Resorts 

Bahay Marikit 
Dreamland Resort
Public Beach Area

Private Beach fees are inclusive of buffet meals; making bookings here costly.  This is will get you discouraged of bringing uncooked meals in your trip.  You may bring some personal food for your snacks.  A corkage fee is charged based on the discretion of the beach / resort depending on the type of meal you bring. 

Please Note: The stated places were the ones that we have been.  There are still a lot dining places that we were unable to experience/visit and a lot more of beach and resorts to explore.  I didn't received any compensation, priviledges or gifts writing this post and the subsequent posts linking this page.  All opinions are on my own.

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