Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kota Keluarga Parasol

Klub Keluarga and Parasol

Klub Kota

Cabanas (Rooms in Beach Front)
Dining Area
This is my most favorite spot in the area.



The Klub Keluarga is exclusive for members only.  For non members they will book in Parasol. I can't give you the exact details of the differences when booked in Parasol since were are using the benefit of being a Club Member (friend's referral).  The advantage of being a member is that you get the priority specially for bookings and discounted fees are granted once you are a member of course.  

Here's what we love in Kota.  This is a most private place you can go in Laiya.  When you hate crowded place, this is the best spot for you specially during weekdays that a few members choose to book in.  It will feel like you own the place. I haven't seen this place during weekends and summer peak time.  Once you're in here prepare yourself for a real vacation because there are no cellphone signals in the beach area.  You'll need to go in higher places to reach a signal.  For me it's great that no ones going to bother the solitude you wanted.  

For more information about membership and other details you may visit their official websites.  You may simply click the links below.

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