Saturday, February 14, 2015

Heartful Celebration

This is what happened to us today; double celebration for SJ's 3rd birthday and EJ's Dedication Day who is 3month old.  Since last week I was busy planning for the party and get myself busy with crafting for the party's preparation.  It was so tiring but I am happy making all this things to make everyone happy.  It could be easier to throw up a party at a restaurant but it would be so expensive that we can't afford it.  That is why we did this party on a budget but the outcome is beautiful and made the whole family happy.

Just as I've said I had a week of preparation.  I will admit without having another helping hand I wont be able to make all this possible.

I started working with this pompom craft to add color and art to this glass window.  I decided to have our party colored with orange, green and yellow; the celebrant's fave color.

My special thanks to Zarah for the help with the memo pads and the prints in the crafty pen holder.
Memo Pads 

Crafty Pen
 I don't own a cupcake tower stand yet.  I wanted to make my own but I couldn't start the project.  This party pushed me to finish one.
I used colored crepe paper to make flowers for decorations.
Lollipop holder

It was a long preparation aside from the day's work.  Seeing my children happy and excited for today's party paid all the hard work.

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