Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cafeno, San Juan, Batangas

This is a Coffee Shop located in San Juan's Poblacion Area.  Just accross a gasoline station who happens to have the same owners.  

This coffee shop looks like an old ancestral house outside.  Tge typical houses built during the Spanish periods.  I love these type of houses.  Interior decors were antiques and lots of wall paintings.  If I am not mistaken they also sell some paintings.  They have another room in there with lots of paintings. We hadn't got a chance to enter the art gallery because it was close during our visit.  

If you noticed, their tables were made up from old sewing machines.  I find it very creative and looked elegant for the place.  It's a nice place to have coffee and also great for having business meet ups as the place is quiet.  

As I recall we did order coffee here and ice cream for the chldren.  We also tried their Suman sa Lihiya.  Here in Batangas we call that kind of suman "Tamales" it goes best with a sweet coconut syrup and latik.  But don't get it confused with Ibaan's (neighboring town in San Juan) different kind of "Tamales" as it is stuffed with meat.  The coffee shop also serves meals for lunch.

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