Friday, February 6, 2015

Peace in the Midst of Trouble Part 3

Going back to my first lab

I have never thought that I would be back in Philippine Children's Medical Center again after almost eleven years.  This is where my first laboratory hands on work started.  Along with some of my classmates in Medical Technology, we spend our 1year of internship here giving us lots of experiences and memories.  I witness how this hospital served lots of sick children - most of them are very sick (grave and rare diseases) coming from far provinces of the country seeking treatment  as this hospital can cater for their special needs.

At the Pathologist Office after our last night (24-hour duty) in 2004
We are in search for a specialist pediatrician because of his weight conditions; that made me reminded of this hospital. I am also aware of the last year's news that the government is planning to shut down the facility so I wondered if we can still come there. Thank God because one of my classmates is working in the laboratory and said that it is still operating. It is her referral that we were able to find a pediatric specialist to consult about our baby's health. All specialty clinics in pediatrics are here and this is why it is very necessary that this hospital should continue and the government to continually fund the said facility. There are lots of poor and sick children needing the service of the hospital and this time we needed the services offered here.

I don't know if should be happy stepping my foot again here in the hospital.  Yes I am happy to see our previous staff in the laboratory and meet my classmate face to face after a year or more am not really sure when was our last meeting.  But the very reason I was coming back was due to my baby's health concerns that wouldn't make me too excited on the other hand.

Eve my college classmate and works at PCMC Pathology Division
One of the good things I see beyond my newborn's health condition is that he made me connected once more with my previous life .  I have a very different life now being a pastor's wife, a full time mommy and a bakeshop owner.  I somehow have forgotten my other side; a medical professional.  It was because of EJ that I have the reason to look for my laboratory co-workers and contact my college friends that I don't used doing.  He made me visit hospitals, laboratories including the private lab I used to work at.  

We were at PCMC yesterday.  As we enter the hospital premises I was happy seeing the captions on the stage that was set-up.  It was MOA signing that the land is officially awarded to PCMC.  The event just happened before we arrived.  We are assured now that the hospital will remain.  

While waiting for our doctor's appointment, we met another patient who is looking for the same doctor and that's how we started our conversation.  Their story made me inspired that my eyes get teary - I was just controlling myself not to cry.  As she tell their story I know that same feeling she was saying at the first encounter knowing your child was sick.  It was an unexplainable pain when parents have to go through seeing their child's health goes wrong.  For others it was just so easy to tell us during this trying time that everything's gonna be fine without knowing how hard is what we're going through.  I tell you we feel bad whenever we hear unsolicited advice because we already tried the best thing we know we could.  Like her, we are consulting different pediatric specialists (not only one doctor), undergoing lab tests, travel here and there, we battle with our weakness to be firm and go on, adding up the big cost of doing all of this because we wanted our children to be healthy.   I admire how both this mom and baby fight and conquer their own struggles and they keep on hoping.  They are in their two years of journey also to mention that they came from Bohol.  Yes we came also from a province and  travelled far but not as far like them. Their situation is really tough compared to us, but they were able to accept and face the challenges; then what would be my own reason not to continue hoping -  we've just started our journey.  

Back to EJ's health, he is doing good and gaining 100 grams a week now and we are hoping that it will continue and increase more.  This is a sign that he is now starting to pick up.  We are currently treating his anemia with a prayer that his body will respond to treatment.  We will go back to PCMC after two months and claiming for a miracle that he will be healed.

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