Friday, January 30, 2015

Peace in the Midst of Trouble Part 2

If you have read my previous  post you know how our family is struggling for our newborn's health. I previously worked in a laboratory and had my internship in Philippine Children's Medical Center.  I have seen a lot of sick patient and couldn't forget how much I pitied the sick children I've seen in that hospital.  I now better understand how parents feel when something is wrong with their child. I couldn't bare seeing EJ getting needle pricks that hurts him so bad; but we have to do it for his diagnosis.

This photo was taken December 28, 2014.
EJ is a happy baby.  You can't tell something is wrong just by looking at him.  It is normal for sick children to look sad and fuss all the time.  Though we haven't seen him too tired or restless; we are not complacent and not do something.  As much as possible we wanted to understand everything about his health.  His failure to gain weight concerns us more with regards on achieving his developmental milestones expected for him.  We are to find out what causes for his failure to thrive. This had lead us to consult specialists and have him undergo workups.

He gained a lot better this past two weeks.
Last Monday, we decided to set EJ's dedication day this 14th of February joining SJ's 3rd birthday celebration.  I have been thinking of a good theme for our party and God's message to me was "God is with us.  Everything's gonna be alright."  I told my husband about it and he said we have that same message.  We are also looking forward on our schedule to meet a Pediatric Nephrologist by Thursday.  I am optimist that this is the day we are going to find out what's wrong with EJ, so we can give him the necessary treatments he needed or something we can do about his condition.

We are at the doctors clinic had some interviews how we come up to him.  Showed him all the tests EJ has been through.  Our doctor honestly admitted that this is something new to him and his first time to encounter such results.  This time he couldn't give us the diagnosis nor explain us about our son's condition.  He promised to have a further more study about his case and requested some more tests for the diagnosis and he will collabrate with more specialists about this case.  After going out of the doctor's clinic, I couldn't help it but cry.  How is it that even doctors couldn't explain what's going on with EJ and that bothered me so much.  If they couldn't find it then there's no cure at all?  We had been consulting specialists and still there are no answers.

I am thankful how my husband is so strong inspite of that encounter.  He helped me stand up and put back myself again.  "God is with us" and he reminded us this message before we go to the doctor's clinic.  We also know that God knows everything and He is also the greatest healer.  We have a lot of people paraying for us specially for EJ's healing.  But why God couldn't heal him right now?  I know God can give that instant healing.   The answer is - God only knows the reason why not, he knows the perfect time.  While travelling back home we passed by a truck, it had a very huge print saying "In God We Trust."  This just reminds us again to keep on trusting and have peace.  

The photo of mom and baby elephant is perfect to describe how we are walking our life's journey today.  In my facebook post I said "it felt like we are walking in a dark valley but we're confident that God is with us."  Mom elephant is leading the way for her baby; while baby stays behind seeing nothing ahead but she continuosly take steps following her mom.  Our protection is guaranteed when we walk and follow God.  Right now we may not see the purpose and find the answers to our questions but time will come we will get to reach the light at the end of this dark path.

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