Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Another Great Year to Come

Hello everyone.  I know I have been quiet here for some time.  After giving birth I have been so busy with so many things.  I couldn't also count the number of attempts I did to make a blog post but I didn't succeed making one.  Later on in December I had to focus and give more time breastfeeding our newborn so I had to give up internet and blogging.  Instead, if time allows (baby is sleeping) I choose to work on making crafts for our Christmas gifts.  See  the photos of the crafts we did below. I'll be trying to post the tutorials of the crafts soon.  Please give me some more time for it.  The children were so excited of the Season's celebration plus being spoiled recieving gifts from friends and relatives.

I have set up our Christmas tree in our homeschool room.  It was decorated with my kids' crafts that we worked on.

I had no supply of Christmas wrapper.  Having no time to go out and buy, just used my creativity to wrap these gifts.  Sometimes (most of the time) it happens that I needed to wrap a gift for someone and ended up having no wrapper for the gift.

Key chains made from hardened clay.  This is a no cook recipe.  Head on to this post for the tutorial.  We also used some of these as ornaments for our Christmas tree.

I have made lots of these because I had a lot of friends waiting for my Christmas gift.  Added some spark to pens.  Crafty pen tutorial here.

Handmade journal book.

This made me busy this past few weeks aside from doing our house work and taking care of my four children.  I had no time to go out which could help maintain my sanity.  Just thankful I can still work on crafting.  If not - I'll go crazy or I already am!

We started this year facing tough situations.  Instead of worrying we try to see what God wants us to do.  It is to get more closer to Him - to know what he wants us to do and find His will.  God's plan is always perfect and is the best thing that we can ever have.  I am expecting of another great year to come.
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