Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Greatest Miracle this 2014

At the start of this year I was challenge with a question,  "What kind miracle would you ask God to happen this year?"  This was the first challenge I've heard during our Sunday service and I did ponder what would it be.  I couldn't think of anything I can ask for but I did expected that God would do something spectacular not only for me but for my whole family.  We had a series of studies in the Bible about the miracle working God.  As we study the word of God, my search of discovering and asking the miracle I wanted to receive was changed.  God talked to me and showed me how blessed I am.  I started to carefully examine every little thing in me and the things happening around me.  From there I learned that I no longer needed to ask for a miracle.  It is because I am already having miracles everyday that I failed to see and thank Him for. My eyes were opened to see and realize how God is continuously doing miracles not just out of the blues but  He does miracles everyday of my life.

This have to wait for months before completely posted here.  Here's the rest of my story.  It was the end of March when I started to feel strange couldn't even think of any reason.  But as the days pass by still feeling quite sick then I had the idea, "Could I be pregnant?"  At first and as always I feel afraid and unsure...part of the baby bump blues.  Months continued to pass by and it was so fast that it's already nine months.  We are awaiting for the coming of our litle boy.  

If your aware of my previous post I had a false alarm.  I just couldn't even thought how could I possibly be wrong when this is my fourth pregnancy!  Though, we waited for more days and I couldn't still have regular contractions.  Friends and relatives were worried I could have an overdue. So I decided to have a check-up with my doctor it was 11th of November from there we decided to induce labor.  I have undergone long hours of labor and miraculously delivered this baby though a normal procedure that I was thankful for.

I could still remember how painful those contractions were specially when the baby is right there waiting to be pushed.  Those pains were eased with expectation and excitement.  My husband was not there with me during labor and delivery but I loved him more despite of those pains. I saw him after few minutes of giving birth - he's outside the window.  Husband and I talks of how could I possibly grow this little one inside me.  Life is one of the most wonderful gift  from God and I would say the greatest miracle.  

Most of the time we overlook how we've been already blessed in search for a greater blessings.  We often ask God for more that when examine our prayers will get to discover how our prayers are full of requests asking God to bless us more.  Have we tried to seek Him first?  Seek him not because of the favor that He can give.  But seeking Him with the desire of knowing who He is to grow a deep and a more personal relationship Him.  Blessings will surely come when we get to know the Blesser.   

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