Friday, November 7, 2014

Homeschool Room

Setting up a study room is very important when you decided to homeschool.  In my experience, my children needed to identify a place where we will do our classes.  It doesn't need to look like a real school but I chose to do my very best to make it look like one.  I use decors which I tell you not expensive.  I do not need to spend big budget for this.  What matters is to keep the room organized. For the past two years that we started homeschooling I couldn't remember how many times I have re-organized our classroom.  One of the main reasons why I do this; is to break boredom looking at our room.  New look of our room adds up excitement conducting our classes.  Classroom themes are also helpful whenever introducing new lessons for them.  It really takes time but I am enjoying doing these things for my children.  And I also have to admit I am still not doing everything perfectly as I am limited of time and energy having a lot of things to accomplish aside from this.    

I will show you the latest look of our homeschool room.  This is also to document our homeschooling so my children can have a look at it after few years.

This whiteboard was custom made by our friend - he's our family carpenter.  This bulletin board served this room for more than six years.  This one is really durable and it helped us a lot in our classes.  This classroom that we were using served also as our former Bible School Students when husband and I were involved teaching in a Bible School.  I decided to put themed borders in our whiteboard to improve its look.

Having a personal laptop, printer, scanner and good internet connection at the house was a huge help for me making my children's lessons.  Research is just at the tip of my fingers.  I can easily layout worksheets and readily print them before our classes starts.  There are a lot of ideas in the internet to make lessons more interactive and fun.  My children are easily bored so I needed an extra effort making our lessons fun for them.  Our classes almost seems like we are playing.  If not and get bored we are ending up disappointed.  It's part of homeschool days to stop classes and have a break.   

We are also blessed to have lots of books.  Husband loved reading books.  Some of them were personally bought and most were gifts.  I am not a book worm, I read books but not good reader like my husband.  We have a lot of resources and we wanted our children to love reading books.  I decided to improve their library to encourage them to read.

Children loves to display their works and get appreciated.  Having their own bulletin to display activities and projects encourages them to do better and keep working to do their best.  Whenever we had an activity or they just decided to sit down in their workplace to create something; they are very excited to display it. I let them do it on their own that at times their bulletin looks so crowded just because they don't want to keep old works especially their favorite projects.

We had to face a lot of challenges and tough decisions homeschooling our children.  But I still loved the idea of choosing this path.  I know those parents who don't homeschool and do the traditional schooling had a challenge of their own - part of being a parent.  In every decisions we are to face the pros and cons of it.


Happy Homeschoolers....Life is Sweet!

How do you set up your own study room?
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