Saturday, November 1, 2014

Getting Ready for our New Baby

We're glad to be back home from the hospital.  It was around 6pm (October 30) when I started to feel contractions.  I have been working so hard the past few weeks getting things ready before delivering our baby.  To tell you I still have a lot of work undone till these contractions happen.  At first I really am not sure if these contractions will pursue.  Upon monitoring every contractions were of 25-minute interval.  I consulted my doctor and advised us to go to the hospital.  At the back of my mind I am not yet ready to give birth thinking of some works that I should have finished.  Pakner4lyf had a lot of schedules the next day that caused him to cancel all of his appointments because he needed to bring me in the hospital.  It took us a long time before we went to the hospital.  Husband needed to go to the supermarket first and from there he had unexpected incidences that caused him longer delays.  Me, while waiting continued to  monitor every contractions I am having.  

Husband finally came, they immediately pull out the groceries he bought for our bakeshop then loaded my things I needed to bring in the hospital and off we go.  We are favored not to encounter heavy traffic on the road.  When we came I was about 2 - 3 cm and I am having contractions at a 10- minute interval.
Relating from my past experience, I am expecting that I may be able to deliver by midnight because all of my kids were born at midnight and had the contractions started nearly same time.  My doctor came to check and see me.  She confirmed that the contractions were a bit irregular taking at a 5-minute / 10-minute interval.  We decided to have me admitted at the hospital.  After some preparations I was brought to the labor room.  Every hour the contractions lasted longer and stronger and still in a 5-minute interval but I know that the intensity of contraction is not enough to break my water bag.  Still waited, midnight passed the pain increased a little, is still tolerable and I know it is not the pain when the baby is going out.  I would like to sleep to have some rest but the pain I am having wouldn't allow me to go to sleep.  It's 4 o'clock in the morning and it felt like forever...I've been waiting so much and I really feel tired.  I was thinking if I can still have enough energy to push later on when strong contractions occur.  After loooking at the clock monitoring the contractions, I decided to lie down on my side, I slowly closed my eyes to have some rest. Then as I opened my eyes again to check the time, I almost spent a 30-45 minutes nap.   I was so surprised! I was able to take a nap, the contractions are no longer there.  To cut the story I didn't gave birth this time.  They headed me to our hospital room. Husband had no idea what happened to me.  I told him the rest of story while we are staying at our room.   We couldn't immediately go out of the hospital and be at home.  Because if we will, we're going to pay a bigger bill because the Health insurance we are using requires a 24 hour stay in the hospital.  We'd rather stay and get the healtcare benefit.

Our hospital experience seemed  more like a vacation / date with my husband.  This is one thing I am appreciative of what happened.  Since the time he drive for me, then waited at the emergency room and more hours spent in our hospital room was very precious for me.  I did enjoy the bonding moment I had with him.  

It also felt a little bit funny.  Husband and I were disscusing how to explain our children why their baby brother is not yet out.  For sure they'll ask about it.  

Now I had to rest because of the labor I spent at the hospital was no joke.  I am trying to regain my strength because of that sleepless night.  So when the true labor comes I am ready.  It's really hard to tell when our baby arrives.  I know it's only God and the baby knows when is the exact due.  

To our  baby - you really are making your birthday a lot more remarkable and surprising.  Everyone is excited to see you.
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