Thursday, October 9, 2014

Clay Modelling and Play Pretend

Does your child loves to play with clay?  Do they love to play pretend too?  My children do love making things out of clay and they do love to play pretend.

Today I have granted their request of letting them play with clay.  We have bought a book guide teaching how to make some figures out of clay and they are excited to try it.

My kids' crafting skills are still limited so they would ask me to make something for them.  But you know I love doing these things.   I enjoyed making this activity too.  Below are the things my children and I were able to do.

After their creations they started playing play pretend.  They usually setup a restaurant one will act as the customer while the other one will be the store owner.  Their imaginations lead them to make stories while they are playing.

As they are playing I enjoyed making under water scene.  See the photo below.

I also thought that this could be a great cake theme too! If someone would ask me to make one at least I now know how to make these creatures!

It is cheap making your own clay.  See my home made clay recipe by clicking the link.  Salt clay recipe.  No cook clay recipe - turns hard when air dried.

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