Sunday, September 28, 2014

Can't Stand the Heat...Stay out of the Kitchen

Husband took a photo of this poster in one of baking supplies we have visited this month.  I agree with the message but before good things happens from a bakeshop, we bakers needed to stand the heat in the process.  Lots of sweat, labor and hard work before having the sweetest result.  Below are the recent cakes I made and had some troubles making them in the process I didn't even know why.

I had to deal with humidity making the above cake.  I am using marshmallow fondant for every cakes I am making and for the very first time I had a problem working with it making a ribbon topper design.  The fondant turned out so shiny and getting moist that it almost melted instead of drying and turning hard.  It was a rainy week there I found out that in humid conditions marshmallow fondant turns out this way.  I am so glad the customer who ordered the cake understood the situation.  I couldn't find the complete ingredients so I can make a fondant using gummix that I have tried making before.  I had no other choice but to change the design.

Note the whiskers were computer edited.  I know something was wrong with the cake after finishing it.  I tried to ask my staff what was wrong but she didn't figure it out.  So I go to bed to have my good night sleep, then waking up the next day ( pick up date) I came to find out what was missing - it was the whiskers!   I used my daughter's hello kitty pillow that night and she was also wearing a hello kitty pyjama.  What a coincidence!  I was able to add the whiskers before the customer picked up the cake.

This was a rush order by my brother's classmate.  I have informed them to place the order ahead of time specially if they wanted a fondant design.  They didn't visit the bakeshop so I expected they wouldn't pursue a cake order.  Then I was surprised to hear that they place an order in the other branch and requesting for a stiletto shoe cake design; it was Friday night and wants to have the cake by Sunday.  I couldn't do that because of the limited time so I looked for an alternative to make the shoe and this was the result.

Now I am having a hard time working with a baby bump.  But still I really love what I do in the kitchen not only baking.  That's why I will still stay in the kitchen even though it's so hot (it felt like the heat in the working area is doubled maybe it's because of the pregnancy) because I know in the end I'll have something good out of it!

Life is sweet!!!
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