Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mt. Maculot, Cuenca, Batangas

I was reminded of my childhood days after watching a video clip on Facebook.  You can click here to watch it.  It was so nice reminiscing moments I had; specially those times that my brother and I would spend our vacations in the province.  I was born in Cuenca, Batangas; where my grandparents' house is situated at the mountains of Mt. Maculot.  I am glad and proud to have experienced how life is at the farm and I want also my children to have a taste of what it is to live a very simple life in the province; that most young generations no longer experienced nowadays.  Games and toys now are very different as technology advances but  I do believe that my children can both have the priveledge of enjoying the latest technology and nature.

We were blessed to have a place to go where my children can see and experience nature.  My parents decided to have a house there which is still under construction.  This gave us an opportunity to visit Cuenca almost once a week.  My eldest son calls it as our "Home Gardening Day".  My parents spend their free time gardening here as they have a huge land to work with.  It so nice to see their plants here growing, flowering and bearing fruits.  Of course the kids cannot do the hard work of toiling the soil but what they can and love most is the harvest part.  Whenever we come to visit the place SJ our youngest is excited to visit his grandpa's eggplant.  He has all the energy to gather all eggplants for harvest. The children were able to pick calamansi fruits too in the garden.  Most of the time their banana trees will have fruits and we will have our share too.  Everything is freshly picked from the garden and what's most wonderful is that it is free!  A distant relative gave us macapuno during this week's visit so we came home with lot of goodies.

We added hiking activity during this week's visit.  We all agreed to look for my grandfather in the mountains where he usually spends his day.  My father says that grandpa's land there is also beautiful we should see it. I still managed to hike even my tummy is almost at it's seventh month.  We were glad to see my grandpa there working as what we expected.  We all love the place lots of Mahogany trees grown that they planted years ago.  Fresh air and a nearer view of  the peak of Mt. Maculot.  It was just a few minutes walk from my parents place though a bit higher ground.  It was then I discovered that JC would love the idea of hiking. When we got home he says that he wanted to go back in Cuenca and hike the mountain again.  Well for me it would be a great hobby rather than spending most of his time in front gadgets.

These activities I know will help my children enjoy outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature God has created.  Soon we will introduce them the games we played before.
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