Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Villa Escudero Day Tour

We are glad to have our children homeschooled this gives us the freedom to have trips more often and freely schedule trips even during week days. Homeschooling gave us an opportunity to have extra money to spend for this kind of activities plus the fact that it is cheaper to have trips during weekdays and no need to be with the huge crowd.

Pakner4lyf wanted this trip last week as he wanted my birthday to be special for me and I do appreciate all his efforts on making my birthday this special.  We had a nice family time spending a day tour here in Villa Escudero. We travelled with my parents and my two brothers also.  

We had some inconveniences during this trip as our daughter Eu-La is not so feeling well.  We had our second thoughts on whether to go or not because of her situation.  But the children wishes to go on a trip that gave us the signal that everything’s going to be fine.  I needed to bring medicines for her in case we needed and I know we will.

When we arrive at the place, we are privileged and delighted to see our Governor Vilma Santos-Recto who was there too.  It was around noon then so it’s time to have lunch.  I am too glad that we didn't need to walk far distances around the area because they have means of transport (Carabao cart with accompanied singers, electric car or vintage BLTBco. bus) that will take us to places we wish to go.  I needed these rides as I am having a hard time walking far distances now that my tummy is at 6th month.  They are serving buffet lunch at the foot of the waterfall, their main attraction here.  My children didn't care of the food but instead played at the foot of the waterfall and enjoyed splashing with the water.  I would say food taste were just average but it sure is nice having our lunch at the foot of the waterfall.  I needed to be extra careful walking around the waterfall area because the stones are slippery but is still manageable. 

Our next stop was to visit their museum.  We had no photos inside because we were not allowed to take photos there.  The museum had historical collections, preserved insects and animals too.  We didn't spend enough time at the museum because Eu-La started feeling bad and JC seemed too tired.  We immediately went out to catch fresh air.  It is too good that there is a mini playground outside to have the children feel more relaxed while we are waiting.  After the museum we decided to swim and that's the fun part for the children.  As soon as they see the pool, it seemed like Eu-La miraculously got healed even JC forgets how tired he was as he wishes to go to sleep earlier.

I enjoyed how the place is so close to nature, still preserved.  There are a lot of butterflies of different sizes and colors compared to other resorts and zoos they would need to put them in a secluded area but here you can just see them freely flying around and there are honey bees too (they didn't sting us)!  Jokingly I said to one of their staffs did you train these honey bees not to sting every guests?  I also spotted birds new to my sight and those birds that I don't regularly see every day. 

This was another memorable adventure for our family.  We are glad that the children enjoyed the tour even though they are not at their full health.  As soon as we arrive, we needed to put the children to rest so they can recover.  Maybe we can set another trip going back here after few years for their history subjects.  Since Villa Escudero is near Batangas Province.
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