Friday, August 15, 2014

A day full of celebrations...

I want to express how grateful I am for another year God hasgiven  me.  Today I am celebrating my 31st birthday and I want to take this opportunity to also announce that we are expecting the fourth member of our family this November. Indeed life is a blessing from the Lord!

I feel so lazy waking up today.  I had a chance to have a whole day off yesterday!  I am glad and I do appreciate that Pakner4lyf took gladly took cake of the children while I am in Divisioria with my parents shoppping things for our bakeshop.  I had to endure back pains today due to longer hours of window shopping my tummy sure is heavy now causing all this pains.  

I had no choice but to go out because I needed to fix something in the bank.  We choose to go out in the afternoon.  It was about lunch time when JC told me that Google says "Happy Birthday Hanny!"  I ask him how sure he was that it was from google?  He couldn't open my email accounts nor my Facebook that was at the back of my mind or maybe I forgot to sign out my Facebook acccount so he was able to read all my friends greetings.  He forces me to come and look at our laptop so I can see the greetings that he keeps on mentioning.  And yes I am surprised to see the above photo.  JC hovered the cursor over the banner and showed me that it was a personalized greeting specially  for me.  My kids and I are delighted to see this!  We love playing with Google banners themes.

Then it's time to go out because I had to go to Chinabank to fix something there.  As I approach the bank, I was surprised seeing balloons at the entrance seems like their having a celebration because songs are played outside.  Coming inside they treat customers with free snacks.  "I didn't know Chinabank is also celebrating today (it's their 94th anniversary) !", I said to one of their tellers.  "It's your birthday ma'am?", she said.  "Yes!", I answered.  They greeted me and offered treats they had for all their customers.  After the bank we had to drop by to more places but before going home, I remembered that we will be having a prayer meeting tonight so I asked Pakner4lyf to head at a grocery store so I can cook something for dinner.  While shopping, I saw those coke names and had I idea of buying those cans to formally and publicly announce our new coming baby.  

At first my daughter Eu-La says she wants us to have a baby sister.  It would be nice to have a new baby girl since we already have two boys.  I still consider our baby's gender to be unknown since my last check-up says that the probability is 80% boy.  We can never be sure of the gender till the baby arrives in due time. 

To all my friends also to all my social networking friends thank you all for remembering and sending greetings for my birthday!  I wouldn't want to miss this day without posting what happened this whole day!          
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