Friday, February 27, 2015

Why I don't consider myself poor

This afternoon I had the chance to be at Laiya Beach again.  I really loved walking at the sea shore, feel the breeze, watch the waves and appreciate the blue waters.  I also cannot resist playing with sand that I now enjoy with my kids.  I also have the habit of picking up shells, I just couldn't help it whenever I see one or if there are no shells I would go home with at least some pieces of colorful stones.  One thing I am most happy today was to have a very quiet time alone.  This was a very short time as in few minutes of walking at the sea shore all by myself.  I appreciate every bit of nature.
Sands and pebbles kept on sinking into my feet as I walk along that I don't bother anyway.  I kept looking at the trees, the colors of the water and listened to the waves - very calming indeed!.

I know for a fact that not all people like us have the luxury of going to beaches in Laiya because primarily it's not cheap.  We are not rich monetarily but God has blessed us with networks of friends that we were able to enjoy beautiful places with a minimal cost.  This is why I know we are not poor. Most of us define being rich as a state of generating a huge amount of money everyday.  But let us be reminded that pockets filled with money is not yet everything.  (This doesn't mean I don't want to get huge earnings which is what we needed for the growing family.)  But I think what is more important is how you see and look at yourself will dictate who you really are.  I have seen some not all rich people looked so poor despite of the businesses and properties they already have.  They earn huge amounts of money because of their hard work but were unable to enjoy the fruit of their labor because they still think they needed to work for more till their last breath.  I see it as they don't feel they're rich enough to somehow have a break, take a deep breath, enjoy and laugh for a while. Husband and I wanted to earn money for specific purposes which is to give our family the best life we can ever have and to support the ministry we are in.

I am not poor because I have a very loving husband and adorable children.  I am blessed to have the dearest parents who always guides me; I feel their biggest concern for us. I am rich with wonderful friends who will never leave my side and lifts me up when I am down.  I am happy because I have a church where I belong; it is where I have a prayer group (fellow wives and moms) they are my second family. I am surrounded with people who gladly gives a helping hand.  We may not have the monetary riches for now.  Our prayer  and what we are searching for is that God will lead us in a business where we can express our passion.  I may be poor in my bank account for now but I am no longer poor in Spirit.  The reason why we can rejoice and appreciate even the most little things we receive everyday.

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