Friday, March 13, 2015

Building Blocks Party

JC, my eldest son just celebrated his 7th Birthday.  Since last year he is asking us for a birthday party. We just had a huge celebration last February celebrating SJ's 3rd birthday where we also decided to have EJ's Dedication Day.  After seeing this party he was more decided to throw a big party for his own birthday.  I personally don't know if we could still make one for him.  But in the end I still said yes to him.  You may wonder how rich we are but I tell you, I tried my very best to make these celebrations in a budget.  All I need is to do is to be creative and put all personal efforts for all of these parties to happen.  We were able to host parties even in a tight budget because, I bake and design my own cakes, I don't need to hire tables chairs and catering services, I have my mom and some church mates who helps in cooking and clean-ups, I personally make all party decors and party giveaways.  Also to mention some generous friends who added the party necessities.

I tried every opportunity to spend time making all the party details, weeks ahead.  I don't know how to draw and I was amazed that I was able to make the Lego Man standee.  I find that it is easy to make the Lego Man by cutting the shapes, outlining the edges with a marker then assemble the parts together.  I used old posters and boxes to make this standee.  I cover empty boxes with colored papers stacked them to make the letters JC that will look like blocks stacked up altogether. This served as our stage decors at the same time our guests photo booth.   

I was able to save money also by sending our invitations through Facebook - no more printing cost. I personally designed the invitations and found a free template from Surviving the Stores she had a lot of links for more Lego Party Ideas.  I found a link where to download the Lego Font which was helpful making our invitation, logo and banner.  

The above photo shows our party giveaways.  The key chains and the books were sponsored by JC's godmothers.  In which they knew how thankful we are to them.  I bought the block toys at P10.00 each.

More Party Details
While waiting for more guests to arrive, the children got busy by watching the Lego Movie. Every child were given a name tag written in a block-shaped paper. Then our first activity was to make a Lego Man's face. I have a pre-cut Lego Man's head outline that the children needs to complete the drawing. Afterwards they played "Pin the Head of the Lego Man".

The children played with blocks too!  We grouped them and they started to build their own creations. We named the game "Become a Master Builder".  Each group explained their masterpieces. The winning group is chosen as who gets the loudest clap from the audience.

We had the blocks relay game.  Again the children play in groups.  Each player had a spoon in the mouth.  Each group will have a plate with an equal number of blocks.  The first child in the line will get a piece of block and place it in the spoon that is in his/her mouth then pass that piece of block on the person behind 'till it reaches the last player.  The last player will put that block at the back where their assigned plate/base is.  The first group to finish all the blocks wins the game.

For our final game we had guess the number of blocks.  The person who guesses it correctly or the nearest number gets a special prize.  We had an LCD projector where I flashed the photo of the jar. We then revealed the correct number of blocks by flashing another photo showing the blocks in a pile to give the correct count.

We are blessed to have a short message from the Lord through Pastor David Hoglin.  Then offered prayer for the celebrant.  Had some souvenir photos. 

Then JC blew his birthday cake candle then all enjoyed having snack and more time to chat.  The children had more time to play with their toys.  

We had a simple meal, spaghetti, crispy chicken fillet, hot dogs, jellos and finger snacks -fish crackers, corn bits, sweet beans, green peas and mini marshmallows. We had chocolate drinks for everyone again courtesy of another friend. And of course everyone had a share on JC's cake that I baked.  
And yes it is always possible to throw out a party even in a very limited budget.  It would be hard and very tiring for me; but I am will always willing to sacrifice to fit in the budget and at the same time share happiness to others specially leave good memories for my family.

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