Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Camping : Family's First

First of all again I am so sorry for making this blog silent for so many days.  I have been so busy with a a lot of matters.  Yet I am here again and excited to share my stories.

The whole family went to Camp during the Holidays - that was April 2-4, 2015.  Our venue was at Cuenca, at the foot of Mt. Maculot. This was our church's Summer Youth Camp .  Pakner4lyf and I had been organizing this camp intenteded only for our church members but we were also priveledge to have another church to join the said event.  This year's theme was "The Voice for the Philippines". Our work to prepare everything for the said camp started few months before the date.  More work loads have to be accomplished few weeks before the camp starts, I had sleepless nights but I am happy doing this.  I am also thankful for those people who worked and shed their sweats to make this camp possible.  Our work was paid off seeing how the Camp has made an impact in every lives of the campers.

Yeah the whole family was there at the camp - we couldn't leave the kids so they joined us. We are more comfortable to have the kids with us - that way we are not worrying about them while we are gone.  I'm so glad to have helping hands specially taking care of the kids; because there are some sessions that I needed to attend and facilitate.  Having someone to look after them while I was working is a huge help. Thank you guys you know who you are.  

This camp made me more excited because it is my first time to stay in a tent and spend nights to sleep in.  It was also our family's first camping experience.  Since the kids knew we will go camping they were so excited.  I actually ordered a tent online but we chose to give our tent to other campers and used a very big tent owned by another camper.  We had Zymon my kids friend spend a night too inside our tent in the last night of the camp since our tent can still accomodate more persons.   Her mom, Sis. Aida just wanted to visit her children at the camp. She went with Zymon just to see how her four children are doing while at the camp.   But when going home, Zymon insisted her mom that he would stay in the campsite.  That made my kids specially JC more happier they had a friend to play with.

This was one huge event I want the whole family to remember.  A lot of good memories to cherish.
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