Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Letter To My Dear Friends

I have been working on our Bible Stories to be used in our DVBS. This time God gave me the theme about friendship. While studying the scriptures, I couldn't help but cry as I was reading the passages. This is not my first time to read the stories, but this time the message conveyed were so intense to me that I am moved to tears. There are a lot of Bible men and women who showed such love and loyalty to their friends no matter what. These are very remarkable examples of friendship that we all should learn and be like.

As I study the passages, I came to a point of realization where I found myself I wasn't that good friend who I thought I was. In my mind and in my heart I know I wanted myself to be the best friend one could ever have. Now, I have seen that I needed more effort to be a real good friend to all my friends. 

To all my dear friends, I am so sorry for the times I was not sensitive enough to reach out for your needs. I don't mean to ignore you and not to help you it is just because I don't have fully understand your situation. This made me feel so sad and guilty. I guess I am too is pre-occupied with my own struggles and worries in life. The truth is I also needed someone to reach out to me. 

There's was a saying that you can't give what you don't have. I started to pray to the Lord to be filled with His love that I may be able to love everyone with that same love Jesus gave me. At same time asked God's wisdom that I may be able to be sensitive enough and care for other people's feelings.   Then after being sensitive, I may be able to show empathy then move and get involved for the solutions I may be of help. There are really times that listening and praying for someone in need is a big help but there's a big change when we start to act and help in problem solving.  Most of the time, our own limitations hinders us to move and change something for a cause - that's were I am trapped. Admittedly I fall victim - thinking that I can no longer help because of my own cares.  Naturally I will always try to solve my own problems before helping others out.  Problems and struggles are endless so this would mean I can't help and this makes me so self-centered that I don't get noticed.  ut changing the way I think about myself can make me stand up and help people even I myself is in need.  I am blessed everyday that I can also bless people around me.

God knows how I wanted to reach out and help people but being human makes me vulnerable and not good enough. Thank God that in the light of His words I was able to see who I really am. It is so hard accepting this sad truth about me - the flaws I have. But this discovery is beneficial to improve my whole being.  That way I can be a truly reliable friend..

My dear friends I do wish you could feel my sincerity and how sorry I am for the shortcomings I have done against you.  I ask for forgiveness and understandiung.  Most of the time I make mistakes against you but it's out of my intention.  Please don't be so quick to judge that I do not love you and consider your feelings.  Keeping an open communication is vital - let's stop reading between the lines.  In my heart I do want to be your loyal friend, a friend who'll listen, cry with you and pray for you.  In times that I can't completely reach and help you it is my prayer that it is God who'll work it out for you. The very best friend who can love and accept us unconditionally.

Can You Reach My Friend

Yours truly,

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