Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Running the Race

This morning was a break on our daily routine. We wake up so early cause we needed to be at the Patikarun's venue by 5am.  I encourage pakner4lyf to join this fun run, because I know he may have a chance winning this race. If he wins we can have extra money for EJ's first birthday.  For us this is "Run for EJ's birthday bash."  

This fun run was organized by the Cooperative Union of Batangas.  Of course, our cooperative invited us to join.  Pakner4lyf used to join this kind of competition in his early age.  Last few years he started to run as his form of exercise then loads of work stopped him to continue running.  In this event he only had one week to condition his body again.  I am glad he didn't refuse to join and was positive to join the fun run. 

Approximately, the distance was around 3 - 5 kilometers. The organizers were unsure of the exact distance. This fun run was joined by almost 300 participants.  The assembly was at SM Hypermarket, Balagtas, Batangas City where the race starts too and will end at the Batangas Provincial Capitol. It was participated by men and women of different ages and started at 5:30 am.

I went with my pakner4lyf so I can help him drive the car in the finish line and of course I want to be there to witness the event also.  I had no choice but to bring the little one with me.  I was trying to figure out how I will drive the car if EJ is awake.  And so it was! He didn't sleep and was full awake. In our conversation it could spend 30 minutes or lesser for him to finish.  It took me some time to leave the parking area cause I was trying to settle the EJ but I had to leave the place to catch up with the runners in the finish line so I was forced to drive with a crying baby.  Good thing it was just a short drive.  

On the way, I still see a lot of runners on the road.  I was trying to look if I can find pakner4lyf in those crowd.  Arriving at the capitol I find a nice place to park then get the little one out of the car to stop him crying.  I was positive that pakner was already there.  I started to look out for him to know about the result.  He made it to top twenty! Hurray! It took around 15 minutes for the first place winner to cross the finish line.  Pakner4lyf calculates he is around 5 minutes short to catch up with the winner. By the way first and second place represents our cooperative too and they are very young around 20's.

I am inspired at my pakner4lyf's attitude knowing he can finish the race and is determined that he will belong to the top runners. And he didn't fail on his expectation.  This is one his attitudes that I look up to him.  Foe me, joining a race and living everyday is almost the same.  To be successful and to survive is to have a proper mindset of what you want to become.  After knowing what you want ; you need to develop a discipline everyday to get that success.  It takes work and practice for an athlete to win.  There was one question I had today, "If I joined the fun run today, do I have the guts to finish it?" I know I can't belong to the top but what would matter most is to finish it no quitting.  

Reflecting on my life; the same as running "LIFE" is not easy.  Hardships come along my way and these would cause me to just quit.  Sometimes, I do ask God to simply finish my life so I would no longer face life's difficulties.  This is my own way of quitting rather than keeping on and striving. My pakner4lyf's attitude and view of life influences me to stand on and keep on running our race. Together we will run the race that God has set for us.  We will teach our children to keep on running their life's journey too.  

Tomorrow is EJ's first birthday and I am amazed to see how he fight to thrive.  If you have followed his birth story, you'll understand what I am saying for sure.  It is with God's healing hands that caused him to keep on growing and surviving.  It did took long for him to respond on his therapy but I am secured things are better for him now.  

Our greatest assurance is that we will surely finish this race because God is with us His strength will help us make it through.
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