Monday, November 30, 2015

Notable November

Rushing for this post cause a lot of things made this month a remarkable one.  Being unable to make a regular posts, I'd rather compile a summary of my month's highlights so not to miss them.

I started this month working with Christmas crafts for our decorations and that occupied my free time.  I'll make a separate post on the Christmas decors.

November 8, 2015 we were privilege to meet Ptr. Vincent Greene's family.  They travelled down here in Batangas City to meet us and visit our church as well for fellowship.  It was a fun time for the kids and us as well to meet everyone of them.  It's too sad not to have photos with the whole family.  I guess Kim like me I couldn't have more time to think of posing for a photi as we are occupied with energetic little children.  Glad to have found copies photos of the children taken during their Sunday School.

November 10, Pakner4lyf joined Patikarun 2015 hoping to win the cash incentive for EJ's birthday. Click for the whole story here.  

November 11 - of course it was EJ's first birthday! We had a simple family celebrations.  Both Pakner4lfy and I are grateful that EJ thrived.  Our son is just a little bit small compared to other babies of his age but is doing great and having proper developmental milestones as expected on his age.

November 20 - my Dad's birthday and we decided to eat lunch out and went strolling in a nearby town.  I am blessed to have a very skilled father who fixes and builds a lot of things.  He was able to provide for us and I salute him for being a visionary and a risk taker also to mention him as a hard worker.

After spending time with my family we had another appointment in the evening and that was to attend Chinkee Tan's Marriage Seminar in Victory Christian Fellowship - Batamgas City.  

This seminar was great for us as couple.  Most of the lessons discussed were not new to us but served to keep us reminded to work on our relationship to be stronger. Sitting in there, I have realized that being married to a pastor for eight years and serving our church, we have hosted a lot of seminars that made this seminar a huge difference.  What made it different that we appreciate it much is that we just come in there to sit down and listen. A huge change on what we used to do - Ang sarap pala ng feeling pag naka-upo ka lang para makinig.  I don't have any thoughts of what I should do, what's next and what to prepare and who to talk to as a part of a seminar's organizing team.

What I greatly learned on Chinkee's seminar was the discussion on the man's "NOTHING BOX". Man and Woman had a lot of differences,  Now I get to understand my husband more when he tends to isolate himself from us and wouldn't want to talk specially when stressed or tired.  To my husband, I will respect you spending your time in that NOTHING BOX but, it should last for 30 minutes to an hour and not one year! 

It was also a great time for me to meet a new friends Ptr. Rodel and his wife Sis. Yhen with their baby boy, Adronicus. (Don't know if have spelled their names correctly).  The next day, November 21, we invited the couple to visit our house and have dinner with us.  It was also their time to see our church and meet some of our staff.  Their visit was like a fresh water to us as they intentionally minister to us spiritually.

November 23, Pakner4lyf wanted to visit his hometown and spend time with his family.  Hearing that was an unusual thing for me cause we had a lot of work to finish specially for our upcoming Musical concert on Sunday. I felt that weird but I didn't said anything to him.  I needed to arrange few things before leaving then packed our clothes and off we leave.

We had a nice time spending with Jay (pakner4lyf's youngest brother) and his wife Mariza in their house.  The cousins missed each other for a long time that their playtime almost had no end.  The next day we are starting to get ourselves ready to go back home.  Jay and Pakner4lyf had another chat.  They went outside as Pakner4lyf was about to get the car which was parked across the street and Jay ride his motorcycle to buy something.  Both of them are about to cross the street when we heard a loud sound outside.  I knew it was a road accident and I was trying to figure out who it was and what actually happened. I rushed outside while praying then I saw Pakner4lyf standing in the middle of the street frustrated to have seen Jay got git by a motorcycle few meters away from him. He immediately rushed Jay and the other driver to the hospital as both of them needed immediate medical attention.

We are thankful that no serious physical injuries happened to Jay other than deep wounds as a result of being dragged few meters.  He didn't have to be confined in the hospital.  We needed to wait for the x-ray results.  In that kind of accident it would not be surprising if he had fractured bones.  But God made a miracle that no bones was fractured. We were updated that he had his bone shoulders dislocated.  He only needed to rest more and recover from muscle pains brought about of that bump then will work out of the relocation of his joint on the shoulders. This accident had made me witness another miracle and for the couple Jay and Mariza it was life changing.

November 30, Our church had been preparing for this Musical Concert.  We are aiming to collect funds so we can reach a goal to buy a piece of Land in Pallocan West, Batangas City.  All the proceeds of the ticket sales will go directly to our Lot Fund.  I am so thankful for our faithful church members who made this event possible and successful.  

This concert is just a preliminary event cause we will have a bigger Concert this coming December 22, 2015.  We are thankful for partner churches who are willing to raise for our Church Lot cause.  I know that the Lord will repay them back.  Little by little we will be able to seed fund for the Lot that we are looking forward to construct a bigger place of worship and reach more people for the glory of God.

Again warm thanks to all who support and gave their best for the success of this concert.

Just received a phone call from my brother Joshua that he passed the Licensure Exam for teachers. Congratulations Bro!

This ends my notable November! Expecting for more greater days to come!

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