Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My Christmas Decors for 2015

As promised, I am now posting the Christmas decors that I have worked on to decorate our house, business place and our church.  And as mush as possible, I tried not to buy stuffs to make these decorations to save money. So I have to recycle and re-use to finish my Christmas decors. 

Wine Bottles

With a use of twine, yarn, strings, flowers, ribbons or any stuffs you have, you can create a perfect Christmas decor out of empty wine bottles or even with just ordinary bottles you have in your house.  

Wreaths and Garlands

I outlined the letters in the chipboard then covered it with garland and added stars and for additional highlights.  I personally made the stars using the self hardening clay recipe.  

Cone-shaped chipboard (base) covered with garland.  Christmas balls, flowers, ribbon and stars for additional highlights.

Glass Windows / Doors

I painted the cut out letters with gold poster paint.  The stars and snowflakes are made from self hardening clay. This is a no cook clay recipe and uses simple ingredients (glue and cornstarch) and is easy to make. Recipe here. 

More decors

I bought battery operated candles to replace Christmas lights.  It is not a good idea to place Christmas lights with very young children in the house because of its electrical hazard. I can't promise to have my eyes on them 24/7.  Little children are always fascinated with lights and the ornaments that makes them so attracted to pull these stuffs in the tree.  These candles makes it safe for my children to touch.

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