Friday, September 27, 2013

The First Year of my Baking Quest

Last Sunday, my daughter Eu-La celebrated her 4th birthday. We had a simple celebration for her birthday.  I bought her a balloon and ate at a restaurant. She was asking me a month before her birthday that she wanted to have a pink cake on her birthday and requests if she can have another barbie cake just like her birthday last year. I told her I'll be making a new cake design for her. It was her who inspired me to learn how to bake and design cakes. 

Eu-La poses with her "Three Layered Hello Kitty Cake" Covered in Modeling Chocolate

 It has been a year now of my baking quest. From my previous post, I said that I prefer using butter cream frosting rather than fondant it is because of the taste. Lately, I met the store owner of a baking supplies where I buy stuffs for my cake decorations. We had a talk and she encouraged me to try fondant in my cakes. I told her I did try using a home made marshmallow fondant it turned out well but we didn't like the starch taste. She told me to try using gummix to make my fondant. To cut the story, I bake and covered my cake using gummix. The fondant result was very good that I can easily form it but I have to be very quick because it dries fast. The taste is just the same with the previous marshmallow fondant I made.  I displayed the experimented cakes at our bakeshop.  The photos below are the result using the gummix fondant.

I have been learning some tips for baking and cake decorations through online pages and videos posted on YouTube.  Thanks to internet I can have baking classes for free but I wanted to still enroll on a professional baking school not for now, maybe when children are a bit older specially SJ because he's not yet weaned so I cannot go out for a long time because of him.  One night I have been watching video tutorials and reached My Cupcake Addiction's Channel.  This is not my first time to watch their tutorials but their post about making a rainbow cupcake gave me the idea to use modeling chocolate to cover my cakes instead of fondant.
New cupcake designs
We had a customer who inquired and ordered a doll cake and I am happy that I can now try the recipe.  We are to attend also a birthday party and made me decided to make two cakes one will be our gift for the birthday girl.  I love the result of the experiment.  I am more comfortable using modeling chocolate because I can take more time forming it as it doesn't harden fast compared with fondant and it tastes a lot better because it is chocolate.

This month I have receive bulk cake orders and I am happy about that.  This makes me a lot more busier.  We needed to have an extra income so we can enroll our children and save money for their future education this gives me more passion to pursue baking and market my cakes.  I have collected the photos of the cakes I have previously designed have it printed and placed the albums on our bakeshop to promote so that we can reach more customers and let them know that we are now accepting cake orders.

My first three layered wedding cake order

To share, the  following are my favorite sites where I watch the cake tutorials.  
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