Saturday, October 19, 2013

It's Writing Time: How I Encourage My Children To Write

I am so thankful to have lots of time to spend with my children.  This is one of the benefits of homeschooling our children.   Yet I would be hypocrite not to admit that I do wish to have some days off specially now. Lately I've been day dreaming that someone would give me even at least a whole day vacation and would love to also accept all my responsibilities (house hold chores, home school classes, bakeshop management, church responsibilities) while I am away and I want to spend this time "ALONE". 

It was a bigger challenge to convince my eldest son, JC to write. I didn't had any problem with him writing on the walls compared with his other two younger siblings. Naturally, he's not interested to grab crayons, pencil, pen or any markers.  He is not the typical child who would ask for pen and paper and make scribbles.    Now he can read books because he knows and recognizes every letter's shape and sound.  I am glad he learned to read on his own.  You might wonder how he learned reading without me teaching him.  It was through he learned how to read.  I let my children use gadgets and surf online (yes they really can!) even at their youngest age.  He is good also in adding and subtracting numbers.   But yet as a kindergarten student he should also learn how to write the letters properly.  So here's what I did to encourage him write.

To prepare our writing sessions I decided to put blue and red lines on our white board to make it look like a giant writing notebook; and at the same time I bought white board markers of different colors. The children were amazed at the new look of our white board and were all excited to pick the marker of their favorite color.  If you decide to do this same activity using white board markers , better to have  the child wear his working clothes on.  White board marker ink stains on clothes and cannot be removed even if bleached.  I had this problem with my two younger children who ended up making their skin and clothes as their drawing sheet.

I have looked for books too for additional writing activity. These are my finds:

Book Name: Before I Print (Glossy Thick Paper)
Number of Pages: 15
Amount:  Php 40.00

This book is preferably for children who are starting to write.  The book guides the child to make straight and curve lines then form various shapes.  I have found this book at SM Supermarket's Magazine Stand here in Batangas City.  This activity book is reusable using wipe off crayons and markers.

Book Name: My First - Wipe and Clean Numbers (Hard Board Book)
By DK Publishing
Number of Pages: 21
Amount: Php 120.00
I have found this book at BookSale.  Whenever I had a chance to visit this bookstore I'll surely turnover their shelves just to find the perfect books I'm looking for.  My First - Wipe and Clean Numbers doesn't only focuses on how the child will properly write the number at the same time they can learn counting, basic addition and subtraction.  This book comes with a pen and additional pen rubber pen grip so that the child can securely hold the pen during writing.  The pen's ink is already dried up so we were unable to use the inclusive pen.  White board markers works out very well on the book's surface.  

Book Name: Smart Writing Book (Capital and Small Letters)
By Sterling Company
Number of Pages: 56
Amount: Php64.75 each

I have found these writing notebooks at SM Department Store's School Supplies Section.  Every letter has a two page activity.  My daughter wants to write too, its good to have the two page activity so they can share.  It is practically cheap to buy an ordinary writing notebook then personally write the pattern.  But I feel it is not appealing to my children's eyes. 

It really takes time and a lot of encouragement for JC to grab his pencil and practice writing.  At first, I don't push JC to use his  pencil as he is not comfortable with it.  He easily writes using white board marker plus he wants the blue ink for writing.  After he learned to properly grip the pen, then he became comfortable with his pencil so he easily stroke his hand to make figures.  

It sure is tough to teach and discipline my children but I won't quit no matter what because I love them.
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