Friday, September 13, 2013

Collection of Best Memories

One of the reasons why I like to blog is that at the same time I am able to keep an online collection of the best memories I had with my family.  I would like to have these beautiful moments posted here so that my children can have something to look back when they grow up.  They may be at their youngest age now and may not remember all the things I and their Dad have done for them but this blog will sure or at least let them know what their childhood was.

We were able to finish our first year of homeschooling.  It was not easy but we will still go on.  The children are not yet enrolled this school year - financial reasons hinder us to.  We chose to get our curriculum at SOT.  Such situation is not the reason  not to have our classes everyday.  It is easier to teach children when they got to relate the things they have learned from books in the real world.  This is how important having the children go out for a field trip.  The road can be a child's classroom.
My children easily learned about food groups  going out in the market with me.  While shopping they get to identify the item's name and then tell to where food group it belongs.

Lately I came to think and am more convinced that we really needed to set the kids field trip once a week since they are not going out to go to school and during Sundays we don't even have to travel going to church since it's just a doorstep away from our house.  Being always in the house is really boring and I know how it feels.  

Pakner4lyf had to meet someone in Tagaytay so he invited us to come with him.  I am glad he did let us come with him.  He says he wants us to visit new spots in Tagaytay and it is our chance to go.  It was a rainy day and we had a very long drive because of the heavy traffic in Bauan and the accident that took place somewhere in Sta. Teresita.  Books and some toys keep the children busy during the travel these helps containing the children inside the car.

I expected that we could see nothing up in Tagaytay because of the weather.  I am a bit worried of the fog and rain driving up there.  Thank God and I am surprised that we can clearly see the view of Taal Volcano there's no fog all the way up but I saw a lot of clouds covering Batangas City signs that it still raining there. 

Pakner4lyf's meeting place is at Mushroom Burger so that was our first stop.  I stayed longer inside the car because the two boys are still asleep and I decided not to wake them up so Pakner4lyf can have a nice talk.  Later the boys were awake and we all had snack and I gave them time to play at the playground while waiting for pakner4lyf.  

It is a bit late and we should be traveling back home, since we are there already, we decided to go and see the tallest Ferris Wheel in the country at Sky Ranch.  They have a very good view of the volcano from there.  Sky Ranch offers horse back riding and a mini amusement park.  The place is still under construction the only thing to do is have the park rides nothing more than that; yet they are charging every visitors an entrance fee of P 100.00 which is for me is too expensive they could given at least one free ride to make the entrance cost reasonable.  I am happy that we went there late in the afternoon where we can get to have the beautiful view of the volcano and avoid getting burned under the heat of the sun.  For me 5pm is the perfect time to go at Sky Ranch I get to appreciate its beauty at night because of the colorful lights.

We were all tired and it's already late so we can no longer go and visit the Puzzle Mansion.  To  maximize our trip, pakner4lyf decided to have an overnight stay.  We looked for an inn where we can rest for the whole night.  We stayed at Tagaytay Haven Hotel where we have a very good deal they gave the room for P 1500.00 and it includes breakfast for two persons.   The next day after checking out and having our lunch, we went to visit the puzzle mansion.  Currently Mrs. Gina Gil Lacuna holds the largest collection of jigsaw puzzles in the world.  This place showcases all the puzzles Mrs. Lacuna made.  It amazes me of her patience making all those puzzles.  It's impossible for me to finish puzzles with 300 pieces above for now.  I don't have a safe place to keep the puzzles I am working with - my children will definitely destroy it or will lose the puzzle pieces.   They offer bed and breakfast too.  If you want a very quiet place this one is perfect for you while having a stay there go and buy a puzzle at their store for sure you'll get to finish that having been inspired how Mrs. Lacuna made all her puzzles.  I'll add making a jigsaw puzzle in my to do list before I die. 

We all enjoyed the trip that the children wishes to stay a bit more longer.  Seated inside the car they are still asking to go somewhere else.  I told them to start saving money so we can afford for another out of town trip.

(first photo above is taken at the Puzzle Mansion)
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