Thursday, November 7, 2013

We Feel Wacky Today

It's a wacky day today!

I learned last night of 7-Eleven's promo #BYOCupDay. My children would love to ask us for a visit to 7-Eleven. It is because they would love to have the Slurpee, Ice Cream, Siopao and Hotdog Sandwich in there. There's nothing wrong if we would join the contest and be wacky for a day!

What is #BYOCupDay?

7-Eleven Philippines invites everyone to join their Bring Your Own Cup and fill it up with Slurpee for only P29.00. This promo happens November 7, 2013. Entrants who will bring the most wackiest/craziest cup will get a chance to win P5,000.00.

One important criteria is that the cup you are to bring should fit the "MaCUPangyarihang Bilog!"

Cups should fit inside this circle to qualify - "MaCUPangyarihang Bilog!"

Below are additional details of the contest:
  • 1. Post your photos using the #BYOCupDay hashtag (Privacy setting must be set to PUBLIC)
  • 2. You have until Nov 8, 12noon to post and vote for photos
  • 3. Categories are: Best/ Craziest Cup, Best Use of a Household Item and So Wrong, But So Right.

Our contest experience

I searched our house for the possible cup that we can use to join the #BYOCupDay. I have two chosen cups that I thoroughly clean.   Then  we visit the nearest 7-Eleven store near our house. As we arrive, I told the staff that we are joining the "Bring Your Own Cup Promo". The staff is so nice and gladly assisted us. He asked for the cups and have it checked if they will pass in the "MaCUPangyarihang Bilog!" I am happy the cups did pass the criteria. He took photos to make a record and verifying that my cups passed and can join the contest. Second we went to the Slurpee Machine and have it filled, they took another photo with my children drinking the Slurpee.  (A lot of 7-Eleven customers there became curious of what's happening and learned of the promo on that day.)  Then we paid P58.00 for the two cups and went home happy.
Hot Chillin' Slurpee Soup
Slurpee-ccino in giant mug

Perfect to match our lunch
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Join the fun and visit the nearest 7-Eleven store.  
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