Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Answered Prayer

The beginning of 2016 was too busy for me as a business owner.  Overall I am glad to have finished 2015 well.  As a pastor's wife too, I am persuaded in teaching children and reach out for them specially in their spiritual needs. I have been doing this since I was in high school.  Our church has been working with the children in our community. In the previous years our church have enough fund to schedule a feeding ministry for less fortunate children and we held this program one a month.  For past two years we only set schedule for the children's fellowship whenever there are available funds.

During Christmas time of course the children in our community are expecting that we will be having special fellowship for them.  They kept on visiting me at the store asking when will be our fellowship.  I told them to just wait and pray.  You can find most of this children in the streets collecting empty boxes, bottles and cans to sell at junk shops.  This is their families' way of earning money to feed themselves for the day.  Some of the children choose to absent in their classes and stay in the market / streets and collect scraps to earn. I explained to these children that I can't always supply them the things they nee because I am not the source of blessings .  It's not appropriate to expect or ask other people to give us our needs.  The right thing to do is to pray and ask God for whatever our needs; because it is God who really provides; he just use people to channel the blessings.  From that day these children started praying as what I have told them.  God's answer was really quick.

Pakner4lyf received a message from his niece that her husband Jade is going to celebrate his birthday. They had an idea to celebrate his birthday by  throwing out a party for less fortunate children.  Indeed the prayers of these little children were heard by the Lord. This made me so happy and look forward to this event. It is just so wonderful that we already have the food sponsors for the children's fellowship.

We have finished sending out the invitations to every children.  And I had worked on few decorations for the party and.  I am also thankful for the volunteers who pledge to help and added funds to help in the program preparation and administration.  Setting up this kind of event is a lot of work and requires finance but I still love organizing this kind of ministry.  The work gets easier and lighter because of the people who share their part to help this ministry continue.  I thank you all for your generosity and responding to God's call.

Pray with us to make this event successful and hoping that all of the children can come.  We set 100 children to join and party with us as we also share God's great love to them. The fellowship will happen tomorrow - January 13, 2015 at 4pm at Christ Stewards Fellowship Hall.

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