Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Door Hanger - Time to Pray

This is a perfect craft when you are teaching children about prayer.  This was our craft activity last Sunday for our Sunday Schoolers.  Their Bible Story was about Daniel in the Lion's Den.  Below are the materials you'll be needing and steps to make this door hanger.


  • 12x3 card board / chip board or board paper (brown color preferably) 
  • round head fastener
  • markers and crayons
  • yellow, orange and brown colored papers 
  • glue
  • wiggly eyes (optional)
  • glitters (optional)

1.  Draw a circle about 2-inch diameter in the top middle of your 12x3 card board leaving around 1.5 to 2 inch space margin from the top.  Cut the circle out and save it for the lion's face.

2.  We have a phone pattern - this was from "Hooked on Jesus" Reproducible pages.  The phone pattern contains the memory verse we used for our Sunday School Lesson.  We let the children color the phone patterns.

3.  To make the lion's face, draw eyes, nose, lips and whiskers on the circle board that you have saved earlier.  Cut strips of yellow, orange and brown colored papers about 1/2 inch thick of varying lengths. Glue these papers strips all around the back of your lions face.  You can paste wiggly eyes if you wish.

4.  On one side of your prepared card board, stick the phone pattern.  We make the phone flip style so they children can open it and can let them play pretend calling with someone over the phone.  Write on this side "COME IN"

5.  Make a hole in the lion's nose so that you can securely place the round head fastener.  Then punch a hole on your door hanger to secure the lion's face.  The fastener can also hold the folded page of the phone that will allow the children to open and close it.  See the photo below.

6.  Write "DO NOT DISTURB" I am Praying on the side where the lion's face is.

7.  Add more designs if you wish using glitters or any other craft materials you have in hand to add more design.

This craft can help the children be reminded to set a specific time to pray everyday.  

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