Friday, July 25, 2014

A Bright Sunny Day

I am so happy to completely see the sun this morning after typhoon Glenda.  Up until today I am still loaded with a lot clean ups because of the said typhoon.  Seeing the rising sun early this morning and having felt its heat suddenly reminded me that it is also a great opportunity to have our beds and pillows exposed under the sun.  I haven't thought I would miss the sun this much.

Glenda (Rammasun - international name) made things a bit more harder for us because husband and I volunteered in the promotion of a Basketball event here in Batangas City.  This is a program under Athletes in Action.  Selected AIA's Basketball stars playing in US NCAA Basketball Division 1  are scheduled to come here in the Philippines for a Basketball Tour and our province is favored to be a part of this tour.  Power outages gave us a lot of problem for the preparation of the event specially that I have been doing a lot of paper works for this matter.  The typhoon made us still appreciative and thankful that are no major damages in our family and have learned a lot of lessons after the typhoon.

During the days that the power supply is not yet restored because of the damaged electricity line in our area, my children learned to play chess and sungka because they cannot use the computer; at night we play shadow stories.  These are some of the things we enjoyed doing for the first time as a family.  This gave me and husband a chance to explain to my children that even though we have been through a tough typhoon almost sleepless and then experienced black out for almost four days we are still to think of other people who might have no food to eat, house to sleep and dry clothes to wear because of the typhoon's damage; pray for them and stop pitying on ourselves and complain because we don't have this and that.  In the midst of these situations we will still thank God.

I am also happy that the appearance of the sun today would mean a great day tomorrow.  Because the big basketball event is going to happen tomorrow.  Our hard work is going to be paid off.  
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