Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mommy I am bored

Have you ever felt tired doing the same things everyday?  I guess at some point of our lives, we do.  When I was a student, I remember having a hard time waking up early in the morning to go school.  (Nakakatamad nang mag-aral at gumawa ng mga projects!)  How I wish that school days are over!  This happens during the mid-year of  every academic year.  For some employees, they consider looking for a new job when they found themselves doing a repetitive job every day that means doing their work having no challenge at all.  These are some typical examples that would end us up getting bored in the things that we regularly do.  

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that we decided to homeschool. This was a tough decision to make but I love doing every part of it! Lately, I noticed our scholar was uninterested attending our sessions and answering his PACEs. I know getting bored is a normal feeling that every child needs to overcome, whether homeschooled or not. As his teacher, I kept on thinking ways how to keep his interest from our lessons.

When we do things over and over again, there's a tendency that we'll get used with it and end up getting bored. What do we do when we get bored? The answer is simple break the routine! 

For a variety, I decided to have a field trip for this week's lesson.   We visited the 7-Eleven store twice just teach him lessons about animal meat and milk products.  At home, I have shown him a power point presentation that I have prepared (visuals) about the animals that give milk, milk products and the common types of meat and from what animal it comes from.  Our scholar loves to visit the 7-Eleven because one of his favorite was eating Chocolate Sundae and Siopao.  A perfect combination! Now, he can tell whether the food is from meat or a milk product.

One of the advantages of a homeschooled student is that they learn things in a big classroom.  Because their classroom is the real world.  

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