Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Toddlers' craft activities(2)

I am sharing you again some of the crafts that we have done in our homeschool. These are animal crafts - tiger and donkey lunch bag puppets, dog puppets using paper cups and peacock made from paper plate.

1. Lunch Bag Animal Puppets
 Materials: lunch paper bag, scissors, crayons and glue

 Let the child color the animal pattern that you wish to use. See the photos, I have included the tiger and donkey patterns that we have used in doing this activity. After coloring, help your child cut out the animal parts or, you can cut it for them if they are not yet ready to use the scissors. Help them paste the animal parts in the lunch bag.

2.  Dog Puppets

Materials: two paper cups (styrofoam cups), circular paper fasteners, glue, colored construction paper (optional), markers or crayons

Punch a small hole on the bottom of the cup while the other cup at its body somewhere  in the middle.  Insert the circular paper faster at the paper cup with hole at its body and attached it to the other cup inserting it in its bottom hole.  This will serve as the head and body of the dog.  I have used colored construction paper for the ears, tongue and collar of the dog.  Or you may draw it in a piece of white paper and have your child color it.  Paste the animal parts and use markers to draw its nose and eyes.  You can add tail and spots on its body if you want.

3. Peacock

Materials:  paper plate, ruler, pencil, colored markers, glue, colored papers

Locate the center of the paper plate and draw lines in the plate. These lines will serve as the outline your peacock's feathers (see the photo).    The lines are about 1.5 inches apart.  Start making a line from the center of the paper plate going to the outer circular line and instead of measuring 1.5 inches, it is easier to count the corrugated lines to make equal  line distances. Mark a triangular shape on the corrugated part of the paper plate.  If you have noticed, I have used two different colors of  markers, it is for my son to easily recognize which lines are to be cut (cut all the red lines). We used colored papers for the peacock's body parts and glued them on the previously cut paper plate.  Have your child draw its eyes and dots  or circles on the feather.

So that's it!  Play with them, tell stories and poems using your animal crafts.  Happy crafting.

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