Thursday, November 1, 2012

Breaking up my silence

I know my blog seemed too quiet for almost a month.  I have kept myself engaged with household responsibilities and personal stuffs.  I am writing this post to give a glimpse of the past month we had.

When children are sick, parents often are worrying of what could be wrong with them.  Specially during rainy seasons, parents are on watch and hoping that Dengue is not the cause of their child's fever.  Our youngest, had fever that started September 28, rashes in the face started to appear after three days of his fever.  His rashes were noticed by one of our church member and she told me that it looks like (tuko) "German Measles" also known as Rubella.  The next morning, the rashes spread downwards which is the characteristic rash seen on patients with German Measles.  We decided to visit our pediatrician for a medical  checkup.  He needed to undergo a laboratory exam - Complete Blood Count analysis. 

Laboratory result shows elevated lymphocyte count, characteristic of a viral infection and therefore confirms that fever was due to Rubella.  Dengue Fever is already ruled out.  What we need to do is treat his cold and cough and keep our baby away from pregnant women.  Having pregnant women exposed with this virus may cause congenital defects on the fetus.  Our baby is not yet immunized with this virus because vaccines against Rubella are given to babies that are 9 months of age.  Our pediatrician assured us that everything is fine with him.  

I have been busy taking care of our sick baby, ans as soon as he recovered,  it's time to face tons of laundry.  The weather was dry and windy making clothes easier to dry.  But one thing that added up my worries, is to keep the house dust free more frequent.  I am annoyed of the dust in the air, this caused me to keep on cleaning the floor and table tops from time to time.  Specially that our baby is now exploring around the house crawling, climbing and learning how to balance himself so he can stand on his feet.  I needed to keep an eye on this little one.

My free times were spent doing major cleaning in the house.  I decided to throw away the junk and give it to others that needed to raise fund.  Last year I was able to sell junk amounting to P 1,400 and had given it to our Day Care Center's fund.  After cleaning, I chose to rearrange things mostly in our office where we conduct our homeschooling classes.  The new look will keep my students excited for their school time.  I was able to set up Christmas decorations in the office, church and our bakery too.

I was so happy to experience another rainfall at the end of the month.  Yet too sad that it caused flood in some areas of Batangas and other parts of the Philippines.  My husband's family experienced heavy flooding because of it.  Here is a separate post about it.

Lastly, October is also designated as Pastor's appreciation month.  We decided to have our Pastor's Appreciation Sunday along with our Celebration Sunday every last Sunday of the month. Thanks for our church members who made the surprise celebration possible.  My part was to gather photos of my husband and make a short video clip for him.  That made his day!  Tom Rainer, the President and CEO of  Lifeway Christian Resources made a post "You are my Pastor."  Your pastor too will be blessed and love every message from this post and will keep him encouraged ministering the church God has entrusted him.

This made my whole October busy.  I am hoping to keep my posts updated.  I am missing my BC Bloggers friends.  I will try to find time and keep up with you guys.

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