Sunday, February 24, 2013

Love Life and Sex Education

Sorry for the late greeting, I could have posted this on time but because of internet connection problems, I failed to do so. I'd never thought it will be so hard when you're used with an internet access in the house then suddenly its out.  February is said to be the love month and we needed to prepare for a post heart's day celebration. I usually go online to research for party ideas. I am glad that God had guided me and given me knowledge on what to do with the task I was assigned with. I successfully come up with ideas even without an online help.  Click this link to have a glimpse of the event.

Have you ever thought of when is the right time to teach your children about love, courtship and marriage?
 I know my children are too young to understand everything about these topics.  But I strongly believe that we as parents should be their teachers regarding this matter.  Even at their young age, they can learn the right perspective about love.  Children are very observant and the examples shown to them has a great impact on their moral values.  It challenges us that we are to show good examples as a couple and should be ready to give the correct biblical answers to their questions.

I have noticed that most songs, movies, commercials, television shows and series portrays themes about fornication and adultery.  Most of our youths today are exposed on these mediums.  This type of influence in my own opinion causes the low moral values on our young people and I see it to have a direct relationship on the increasing number of teenage pregnancies and broken marital relationships.

I don't want my children to suffer because of the wrong decisions they will make in relation with their love life.   I wonder why majority of Filipino parents seemed quiet on the issue of sex education.  I understand that it feels awkward to discuss the matter and I know it is not easy, but things can get done when prepared.   I am praying that God will help me and give me the courage to explain and teach my children the value purity - abstinence till marriage; biblical principles on how to choose the right person they would marry and the standards they are to keep as a Christian.

If we their parents will not be responsible in teaching them, then where will they learn, and who's going to teach them?  It's better to face the difficult questions and discussions than to mend our children's broken hearts.
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