Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Toddlers' craft activities (3)

Greeting cards are perfect gifts in special occasions because of its message that touches the recipient's heart.  The idea of being it handmade adds up to its value. Heart's month is just around and you might be thinking of something to give to those dear to your heart.

I will be sharing you the crafts that my children and I have worked on during our homeschool sessions.

Sewn Cards


  • board paper
  • ribbon or yarn
  • stickers or cut out pictures for decorations 
  • scissors
  • paper puncher
  • glue
  • pencil or colored pens

I only used one fourth size of the board paper.  I have prepared it by placing holes around the paper using a paper puncher.  If you can notice, I have secured the end of the ribbon with a masking tape so that the ribbon will not pass through when the children will pull the other end of it once they have started lacing it.

Put a tape around the other end of the other ribbon so that the children can easily insert it inside the holes.  After lacing, add decorations by sticking pictures or stickers.  What we used are scrapbook decorations available at our house.  Then I asked my children to place their name on the card and whom they want to give it.

Sand Paper Art

Materials Needed:

  • Sand Paper
  • crayons (broken crayons will do)

What we actually use in this craft are the old and broken crayons in the house.  Don't just throw away your child's broken crayons, you can still use it.

I divided the sand paper into two pieces and simply use a white crayon to outline their name in the sand paper.  Have the children color the sand paper in any way they want it. JC happens to get upset seeing that his work seemed not to be as good as the example I have shown him.  His name color was a bit messy and could not be seen clearly.  What I did was to fix it by coloring around the letter using a black crayon to highlight it.

Buy sand paper that are not too rough because it might scratch you child's skin if they are not aware of it.  We used sandpaper in homeschool to teach JC the concept of smooth and rough.

Sewn Card and Sand Paper Combined

Adding a bit more creativity I tried to combine the steps above and make a card to be given to JC's ninang for her birthday.  Above was the picture of the finished product.  So proud that my children are enjoying doing crafts.

What are you waiting for?  Start making your own handmade cards and hand it to your love ones.

Happy Heart's Day!

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