Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I am dating my ex-boyfriend

How would you react seeing your ex-boyfriend after few years?  Will you in any chance go out with him once again?

Yes! I dated my ex-boyfriend. But wait, before your eyes grow wide and start lifting up your eyebrows, why not read the rest of the story first.

I am now married for six years with three children to my one and only boyfriend - pakner4lyf.  For that I always brag how blessed he is being my first and last boyfriend and sad for me - that was just a joke.  I am happy marrying the only man who captivated my heart.  Since then I know how important commitment is in any relationships - with that I started to have set standards and have reminded myself that I won't get in a commitment with any guy that I don't consider marrying in the very first place.  We don't have a perfect love story (relationship) but God was good to have blessed our relationship from courtship to the marriage altar and now growing together as husband and wife.

There's a  huge difference between married life and boyfriend/girlfriend stage. Just remembered those times of how thrilled I am to see him visit our house and would invite me going out on a date.  (Kakaibang kilig talaga!)  This thrill effect started fading since after marriage I get to see him everyday that makes it so ordinary being with him and even when we had a chance going out it feels like nothing's unusual at all.  Now, with the presence of our three precious treasures, our attention is mostly on them with a little time taking care of each other's needs and that shouldn't happen.  We do take time to go out but it's always on a hurry, it's either one of us will have important business to settle and most of the time we end up going out with our three treasures then there's no quality time for us.

April 28, Sunday, since it was our wedding anniversary, I have prepared myself to spend some quality time with him since he kept on asking me to go out.  That Sunday was not our typical schedule; but because of our responsible church volunteers, they assume the responsibility of managing our children's feeding program that afternoon and heard that everything was fine even without our presence.  Our three treasures stayed with my parents we asked them to do that for us.  So, there's no reason for us to worry about them and we can freely have the special time with each other.

It was fun dating with my ex-boyfriend let me say it that way and with thrill! During our travel, when we arrive at our destination and going back home, I really enjoyed the time talking with him about anything that I have missed doing for sometime.  Again this made me remember why I have loved him, what made me decide to chose living with him for the rest of my life and the reasons why I should continue to love him.  From now on, I will keep on dating my ex-boyfriend.

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